Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 82


​And then we opened the box to find a huge red love symbol that was inside.
Me: woow it was actually cute, looking around it seem like we were the only once who came back unwet. Just then ann anounced us as the best couple of the year, feels good!!! as we all danced in excitement till night fall.
It was the best days of my life, ofcourse i remember having a bit of fun in the past but it was nothing compared to this!
It was saturday morning, dera and i slept on my bed cuddling each other all night. Just then my phone rang, i reached for it and mum was the caller.
Mirabel: am still waiting for my baby! She sang.
Me: oooh its weekend already i said recalling.
Mirabel: let me guess you forgot.
Me: uhmm kinda but not totally i said dryly.
Mirabel: well you’ve been reminded am still waiting….she said hanging up.
Dera: who was that she murmured, stretching as she yarwned.
Me: my mum, you know we supposed to spend the weekend with her i said reminding her.
Dera: ooh thats true i better go get ready she said with a smile, gave me a peck as she walked out.
I quickly dialed sophia’s number it ringed for a while and them she picked.
Sophia: i was having a good sleep over here she murmured.
Me: uhmm i’ll be spending the weekend with mum, you mind coming??
Sophia: woow that would be great!! She said smiling.
Me: smiling meet us at the parking lot girl.
Sophia: wait a minute did you say us??
In the course of the week, i secretly found out that the guy having crush on her was leo, i was with him at the gym when she called, well i know its not good sticking my nose in her dealings but i just couldnt help it.
Me: you’d find out when the time comes i said smiling as i rushed into the shower, washed up, got dressed grabbed my car key’s and a few things am gonna be needing for the weekend and that includes my book. Well arranged in my bag, i walked to my car, tossing the bag in the trunk as i waited for sophia and dera.
After a while dera was out of the girls dorm dressed smartly in sweat pants and a jean jacket with a bag on.
Me: you are looking great!! I said smiling as she hugged me just then we heard someone coughing.
Sophia: am ready too, i suppose i deserve a hug too she said with a smirk.
Dera: hahahah right she said hugging her as we all got into the car, sophia at the back and dera in front. We drove for a few hours chatting of course.
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She sat down in the living room sipping a chilled glass of water as she awaited their arrival. Just then lucas and dera walked in.
Mirabel: with smiles on her face look at my baby she said hugging him.
Dera: goodmorning ma’am she said smiling.
Mirabel: how are you doing….dera she said smiling obviously showing she did have a had time recalling.
Dera: am fine she said with a smile.
Me: uhmm mum i brought you something special.
Mirabel: and whats that lucas she said smiling.
Me: close your eyes i said and she did smiling, while dera quickly pulled sophia inside. You can now open your eyes.
Mirabel: she opened her eyes to see her daughter infront of her.
Sophia: hello mum she said as mirabel hugged her happily.
Mirabel: am sure you must be hungry she said with a smile, as sophia nodded, they both walked to the dinning while we followed behind.
We had a very wonderful meal, sophia and dera were so focused on the meal like it was gonna varnish if they take their eyes off.
Me: i smiled at mum as we both watched them in amazement, i think they kinda felt our gaze on them, and they looked up to see us staring.
Sophia: chuckling uhmm why am i being stared at like that?? She said sophia nodded in agreement.
Dera: this food taste alot better than the weird junks we get at the cafetaria, she smiling as sophia gave a hi 5.
We both laughed as we drifted our attentions back to the food, they were totally right the meal was yummy!
To be continued