Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 77


​Dera: black spiders??, just then she recalled the box her dad gave her with a spider symbol on it.
Schwartz: he stared at her as she seemed to be reflecting on something.
Dera: if they aint called swift, like he says, why is SWIFT boldly written on that huge ware house? She asked her self, you liar!!! She yelled taking out the needle again.
Schwartz: no no am saying the truth you’ve got to believe me he said exhaling.
Dera: she got her ipad showing him photos of their suppose hide out, perhaps you should tell me what thi iss she said still holding the needle like she was gonna use it on him anytime soon.
Schwartz: that isnt the organization hid out like you might think, its just a training ground for all agents. Black spider is way more than just that ware house and am afraid even mr cornel answers to someone.
Dera: what the hell are you talking about.
Schwartz: they’ve got agents everywhere you dont even know exist, all agents like me know we have a very reliable financial back up, if this is about revenge for your father, then i dont think you are dealing with just mr cornel girl.
Dera: and the spider box whats inside??
Schwartz: it is said to contains very confidential informations about the invinsible generals of black spider, thats what i heard anyway.
Dera: i need that box!!
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Schwartz: hahaahha am sorry but you are really over ambitious, laying your hands on that box means signing your death bill girl!!!
Dera: she gave him the i need more details kind of look.
Schwartz: from the moment you steal that box, the generals are gonna unleash their wrath on you, trust me there’s no excape when every single agent black spider own is the haunt for you.
Dera: smiling you’ve been alot helpful and thanks for the advice, perhaps you should know my death bill has already been signed schwartz and am not scared of dying! She said slowly stressing every word.
Schwartz: he couldnt believe anyone would see his demise and walk into it, his eye popped open as he stared at her. Your dad, you must have loved him so much.
Dera: you only talk when you asked to schwartz!!
Schwartz: smiled abit, you remind me alot about myself girl, perhaps i should give you abit of a foe’s advice. Move on girl, drop the idea of revenge cos you are definitely not going anywere with it, in the end you’re gonna lose miserably.
Dera: how do i take the box she asked him.
Schwartz: at 4am the men watching the right wing of the house would be  taking a nap then you can find your way in.
Dera: nodding you’ve been quite useful, am sorry i have to dispose you.
Schwartz: wait a minute, if you dont mind me asking you just one question, whats your dad’s name?
Dera: vahn variz! She said strongly.
Schwartz: his eyes popped open in shock, vahn!! He said.
Dera: the looks on his face like he knew her dad, thats right do you know him from somewhere.
Schwartz: he saved my life in russia, our mission was abit messed up and we fell into a trap, our enemies wore collar bombs around our necks, as we awaited the moment when we’d be tortured. And then other black spider agents assigned to help retrieve the package, we tried deactivating the collar bomb when i punctured the wrong circuit and the timer began to count down to 0. That moment i knew i was gonna die for sure, all agent ran away for safety, when agent vahn came in with a piece of metal as he tried deactivating it, immediately It stopped when the countdown was closet to zero.
Dera: nice try but i’d never fall for such a cheap lie!!
Schwartz: nope this isnt a lie girl, have never really gotten the chance to return the favour. But now i think i do, let me help you!
Dera: staring at him as a whole lot of thought ran through her head, the fact he might, just be lying to save his sorry a-s. Why should i believe you.
Schwartz: my cell phone is right inside my pocket you’re gonna see a photo we took together.
To be continued