Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 76


​Schwartz: coughing, hahaha what are you gonna do dude he said looking at the masked man, shoot me??.
Dera: smiling a bit, no need for the rush schwart, the night is gonna be a long one.
Schwartz: i guess you’d be coming with me instead he said as he swiftly knocked the gun side, dera flung a kick to his face, he dodged moving behind her grabbing her neck immediately.
Dera: she groaned as his fist tightened around her neck.
Schartz: am really not the type to take hostages, but i think you on a lucky day. He said taking her mask of immediately, as hair fell loosely backwards. You are a lady?? He asked in shock.
Dera: thats right and right now you’ll have to come with me.
Schwartz: hahaha seriously i could kill you right away.
Dera: not when have got this!! She yelled piercing his air way with a japanesse needle that puts anyone to sleep immediately. Gotch ya!! She said dragging his body to the trunk of her car.
She was back to her house tied him up in the basement as she emptied a bucket of water on him.
Schwartz: aargh he yelled a bit, what did you stick in my neck?.
Dera: she sat in front of him. Now schwartz you can either tell me what i need to know or am gonna make you, choice is yours.
Schwartz: hahahah how sweet, you know what pretty you can kiss my a-s, he said chuckling.
Dera: smiling hahah you gonna wish you never said that schwartz, she said reaching out for a little box, containing needles of different sizes.
Schwartz: i know you ladies got this thing with needles but am no fabric girl he said chuckling.
Dera: you can never imagine what i can do to you she said smiling.
Schwartz: you tell me!!
Dera: this needle she said pulling a shining long and slender needle, if i stuck this in your head you gonna feel pains of a thousand tumors growing in your brains with alot of spikes on them, and this needle she said picking another, it gonna cause you a severe burning pain in your spine when it gets stuck at your back. She went ahead explaining every details to him as his eyes shown wide in terror.
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Schwartz: i know you are bluffing!! He yelled trying to sound brave.
Dera: quickly stucking 2 needles in his mid section.
Schwartz: he felt his lungs being punctured anytime he breathed, and his airways felt like he was taken in hot smoke directly from a burning furnace. The veins in his neck were all stretch showing he’s in alot of pains as his body quaked. He tried not to scream looking at dera with a fiery gaze.
Schwartz: what are you doing to me!!! He yelled in pains.
Dera: you seem to have endurance for alot of things but trust me schwartz the big party is just getting started, with a smile, lets see you go an hour with that in your system she said and was about leaving.
Schwartz: wait!!! He said as his face contorted in pains, take it off plssss!!!!! He said just when he couldnt take it anymore.
Dera: smiled as she walked back to where he was, taking out the needles.
Schwartz: breathing down really hard in relief with traces of sweat all over him.
Dera: smiling i guess it time to have a decent conversation. Now tell me, i know you are mr cornel’s side kick, you know so much about him spill it all.
Schwartz: what do you want with mr cornel?
Dera: smiling perhaps you should know too, he killed my father!!
Schwartz: i see so this is about revenge.
Dera: am not gonna ask you again!! She yelled angrily taking out the long slender needle, otherwise you gonna go a day with this in your head!!!
Schwartz: exhaling, he needed no angel to tell him she meant everybit of what she said. You can never have your revenge on mr cornel, somethings are better left the way they are.
Dera: stucking the needle in his head, as he yelled in pain, i know about swift!!! She yelled. I know alot than you think you fool, and i also know i can kill you right here without blinking, if you dont say something useful.
Schwartz: you think you know alot but swift isnt the name of the organisation!!! He yelled in agony.
Dera: what?? She said taking out the needle.
Schwartz: exhaled as he tried to calm down, it felt like the fire in his body was put out with ice chilled water. Looking at her, they are called the black spiders!!
To be continued