Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 75


Dera got out open her dads garage loading her trunk with sophisticated guns, armor, pistol(automatic) and grenades. After realizing schwartz is always with mr cornel, she had a change of plan she was gonna steal the box tonight.
She got into the car and drove off to Boanerges R Bailey, mr cornel’s house occupied a larger portion of the bailey’s street. Finally she was in bailey street, parking her car 10km away as she climbed the top of a building with a box contain the Armalite AR-50 sniper rifle. Soon she was on top of the building, she scanned the whole building with her infared binoculars which had the ability to see to opaque objects, magnify and take instant photos. Cornel was really a smart man, his room was built with lots of obstacles making it impossible for him to be taken out by any sniper.
While she scanned for a weak spot, she kinda noticed the men behind the building were on patrol, she took note of everything, including the time interval for one guard to walk to one end and back. They were really alert, its gonna take just 30sec to sneak unoticeably passed them. But then it wasnt enough getting in, she needed details about the box, just then mr cornel, walked from his living room to a barricaded door, with a computerized lock.
Dera: exhaling she knew it wasnt gonna be easy but she was ready. She watched closely as mr cornel was about opening the barricaded door, she quickly turned on the magnifier to have a closer view as she took instant shots of the buttons he punched.
It was 12:45am schwartz was gonna have view of the area before going to bed, he climbed the top of his building where his sniper rifle was mounted. He looked throw the binoculars, surveying the whole area, just then he saw red lights beeping from the top of a building in the dark. He quickly brought out his monoculars which had up to 10×1000 magnifying power. Just then he spotted an intruder put something in his bag as he looked into his sniper rifle.
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She spotted schwartz on top of cornel’s building looking her direction with his monoculars, with out hesitating she dismantled the rifle packed it into the box as she made for the exit as quick as possible.
Schwartz quickly alerted a few men as they ran out of the gate quickly for a chase, by now she was already in her car. Schwartz retreated imediately getting a car and was on hot pursuit for this intruder.
She drove as quick as possible out of bailey when she noticed she’s got company, she smiled looking at the mirror as she hit the accelerator, soon she was out of the curvy streets to a very staight road, looking at the mirror, the car was out and back on her trail.
Dera: there you are!! she said as she slowed down a bit quickly loading her sub-machine gun with armors. Looking at the mirror the car was pretty close. Like a lightening she hit a button and the roof of her car opened, as she got out imediately shotting continuously at the car which obviously didnt anticipated such move, puncturing his tyres.
Dera: got you she said hitting the breaks as she jumped down, walking toward the car which emitted smokes like it was gonna blow up in less down no time.
Schwartz forced his door open as she rushed out to catch his breathe, coughing really hard. He almost choked to death.
Dera: pointing the gun to his head, thats right catch your breathe because you gonna be needing that a whole lot.
To be continued