Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 7


​I walked out of my dorm to see dad in his usual black tux and white shirt leaning on his car.
Me: hello dad
Milano: luke!! He said smiling abit, get in son he said and i did. We both drove down to a relaxation centre.
Me: was still pondering on what dad was gonna say to me.
Milano: he didnt know exactly what to say to him but he knew he had to keep him away from mirabel. Smiles# you’ve been such a wonderful son luke, i want you to know that am proud of you, to me you are a special son.
Me: smiling a bit, but still confused why dad took the stress of coming down here just to tell me this.
Milano: no matter what happens luke you are so important to me, well i want you to go study in america he said almost immediately.
Me: it was quite a tempting offer but then i would never accept it, that would be me going far away from my mum which is never gonna happen.
Milano: think about it luke your smart and unique, you can school at harvard if you wish.
Me: smiles# thanks dad but i really do like it here in patmos.
Milano: looking at his wrist watch alright son i’ll give you time to decide wisely, have got an appointment to catch. We both left, he dropped me at school and drove off.
Just then i saw damian looking my direction a bit suprised.
Damian: isnt that dad’s car??
Me: yup thats what it was, i said walking away to avoid further questioning. Just then i remembered i havent seen dera around for days now, so i decided to ask damian they seemed close.
Me: uhmm damian i said turning, i havent seen dera lately, do you have any idea were she might be?
Damian: the girls dorm i guess, hmmm thought you didnt care?
Me: smiles# well i do now, talk to you later bro. I said as i walked towards the female dorm, after a long time of search, i finally met someone who took me right straight to her door post. I knocked twice and got no respond, i turned the knob to see if it was lock but the door cracked open. I felt abit weird entering with being asked to but i did it anyway.
Taking step by step as i gently walked into the room, i looked around it was well designed with pink, photos hunged on the wall and a cute pink teddy on her bed. There was no one inside, ooopss i thought as i turned to leave perhaps she’s somewhere else, i was about shuting the door when i heard faint sobbs. I paused a bit just to be sure it came from the room, and then it came again. I walked back in to check it out and thats when i saw dera sitting on the floor, with her hands wrapped around her folded legs and her head resting on her kneels, back leaning beside her huge bed and her hair looked so messy.
Me: i was so shocked, i wondered what really was wrong with her as i drew closer slowly, i thought about talking to her, but i had a bad feeling on this, i wasnt sure it was a good idea, first i wasnt invited and secondly i wasnt minding my business, finally i convinced my self and i decided to try. I walked close to her.
Me: are you alright dera??? I asked with lots of concern
Dera: she seemed so shocked to hear my voice, she wasnt expecting anyone, looking in my direction.
Me: omg!!! I couldnt help but exclaim when i saw her puffy red eyes which seem to be stressed from a maranthon tears.
Dera: what are you doing in my room she said amidst sobs
To be continued