Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 6


​Me: yea i get the point she was making, and i think she made alot of sense too. I nodded in agreement
Mirabel: smiling with wet eyes she never stopped wondering how she left him in the first place, he is such a nice kid always listening to momma.
Me: whats wrong mum?? I asked looking a bit confused.
Mirabel: nothing luke i missed you so much.
Me: smiles# am here now.
Mirabel: so tell me about your dad
Me: her question was a bit weird, but she did look serious. Well he’s nice caring, easy going and understanding, he’s really good at what he does. I said smiling.
Mum: smiling uneasily really!!
Me: yes mum, i have something to show you, lets go i said.
We got up and walked to the limo, as the driver took us back to patmos, i lead the way to my room.
Mirabel: looking around smiling as she walked in. I rushed to my locker and got out a huge envelope.
Me: handing it over to her
Mum: whats this luke
Me: smiling all the birthday cards you sent to me, i wanted you to know i never ever had you off my mind so i kept them, i have waited patiently for this day to show this to you, i said with a smile
Mum: her smiles weared off as she took a precise looks at the cards, uhmm are you saying i sent this to you, she asked looking confused.
Me: yes you did i said as i saw the worried looks on her face.
Mirabel: she knew she had a memory lost but she also knew she never left the hospital for a very long time. Her looks now were more of worries.
Me: are you ok mum???
Mum: i didnt send this luke.
Me: shocked i looked at her in the eye hoping she’d say its just a prank.
Mum: i spent years in the hospital luke there is no way i could have sent this.
Me: then who did i asked looking at her so confused. Just then my phone rang. I looked at the screen and it was dad. Then i shift my gaze to mum like i needed her permision
Mum: go ahead pick the call
Me: hello dad
Milano: how you doing luke??
Me: well dad dont call often, only for important reasons, am fine dad thanks for asking, i said looking in the direction of my mum who looked at me in anticipation.
Milano: uhmm i wanna see you right now luke, am coming to get you.
Me: uhmmm am kinda busy with……m..i was about saying mum when she gave me the dont say it kind of look and i held the words back in my mouth.
Milano: with who??? Luke he asked in anticipation i turned to look at her again abit confused, she quickly inscribed some words on a blank paper.
Mum: shhhhh… Its a secret was bodly written on it.
Milano: are you alright luke?
Me: yeah sorry i meant am kinda busy with my books but its fine you can come over.
Milano: a bit confused ok son i’ll be there.
Mum: exhaled as he dropped the call.
Me: uhmmm mum can you tell me whats going on.
Mum: smiles# dont worry luke we’d talk about that later she said as she gave him a peck and left.
Me: i was so lost in thought, i had lots of question to ask, everything was suppose to be fine right now but it still feels weird. From mum’s action something was definitely not right, i turned looking at the birthday cards.
Me: if mum didnt send these cards then who did, i asked myself as i sat on my bed lost in thought, in about 30minutes my phone rang and it was dad.
Milano: am outside.
Me: shocked that was so fast i guess he was already on his way before he called i thought.
To be continue tomorrow