Mum’s Marriage Episode 6 – The New Mistress


​He even felt intimidated with how his own mother was acting, he felt like a child. Pee’s mother was just checking on him to see if everything was well with him but her son, rather found it awkward with the way his mother was acting. 
“Oh my son, are you okay? is everything alright?, I have been so worried about you, Turn around and let me see” She said tossing Pee around like a child she has always seen him to be. 
“Oh Maa, as you can see there is nothing wrong with me, what is going on here? Of course I am fine.  What is it? Pee anxiously asked upon seeing his wife with teary eyes. Then the tables just turned around, Pee’s mother just began blaming Ruby for no reason. 
“Ask your wife and your so called maid. They are here raining insults on me that am mad just for being concern about my own son’s whereabout. I have had enough of them. I can’t take it anymore.” She said that and quickly walked out on Pee without giving him any further chance to ask more questions. 
Ruby was of cause surprised about the way her in-law would just turn things around where in the null shell she was the one to be blamed for all this. She was really not happy a woman. For most newly couple, the early are always the best but unlike Pee and Ruby, it was rather the opposite or perhaps it will always be like this as long as Pee’s mother continued to remain in the picture. 
Pee on the other hand didn’t bother about what his mother said, he knew how she was, so there was no need to argue with her. However he wanted to know everything that happened in his absence. 
“I know my mom may be exaggerating but what is really going on in this house? Pee asked his wife. Ruby was just full of it. She was already in tears and was giving up on herself and on her marriage. This was too much for her to bear. Even with all this, she still loved her husband and hoped he will be able to fix things up.  
“I can’t take it anymore. I can’t live with your mother in this house. You better do something, do something.” Ruby cried out and just as she finished saying this, she also walked out on Pee and headed to the bedroom where she cried herself to sleep. 
Pee on the other hand kept wondering what actually went on, while he was away to work.  “How am I supposed to know what is going on when nobody is telling me anything.” He said to himself. Irrespective of all this, he wasn’t ready to joke with his meal and tummy. As the saying always goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. From a hard day’s work, Pee was looking forward to enjoy the delicious meal prepared by his wife, Ruby. He knew Ruby was not in the state of serving him at that moment, so Kwasimaa was then supposed to come to his aid. He began calling out to Kwasimaa. 
“Kwasimaa, Kwasimaa, Ah where is this girl” He shouted out but Kwasimaa was nowhere to be found, he then had no option than to go to the kitchen himself and get something to eat. 
It’s almost a month now, and Pee’s mother still remained in the house with her in-law and her son. Ruby will always stay in the bedroom to avoid any confrontations with her and this was the only means of survival. She will only come out to cook and do some few other things then will return back to the bedroom. 
Pee’s mother, had her own intention for coming to the house. All this was just the beginning of her plans. She was on phone speaking to this strange person one weekend when Pee was away for 3 days on a business trip. 
“Where are you?  You are supposed to be here by now. I don’t want any excuses. Be fast.” She said. For a moment, it was as if she was talking to Pee but that was not it. It was a different and unknown person. As soon as she ended the call Ruby came in to greet her, since she hasn’t seen her the whole day. 
“Mum, Good afternoon, I hope you are doing well?” Ruby asked. Pee’s mother rather found this question very irritating and for that matter, Ruby didn’t get away with it easily. 
“Does it look like I’m sick?” Pee’s mother said, shouting at her.  It was just a simple check-up that any other rational daughter in-law would do. 
“But Mum, I just wanted to make sure you are fine.” Ruby tried explaining. Even with that, Pee’s mother found something wrong with it. 
“Stop calling me Mum, I am not your mother and yes am ok, I can take care of myself,  She shouted at her. That was just too much on her part but Ruby didn’t react to whatever she said. She just stood there and watched her talk. Somehow, Ruby was actually trying to get used to her. Suddenly a knock came from the door. Ruby didn’t really have any friends so she wondered who that person may actually be. From the sitting room where she stood with her mother in-law, she prompted the person to come in. 
To her surprise, this young beautiful lady, just about Ruby’s age came in with her luggage. Ruby didn’t know her from anywhere, for a moment she was wondering who that lady was until her mother in-law embraced this lady and welcomed her. Apparently she was the person Pee’s mother was speaking with on the phone. 
Ruby was so curious to know who this unknown lady was, she even thought it was a relative from Pee’s family. Her mother in-law kept giving this lady a warm reception. 
“Feel at home, my daughter. This is your house too.” Pee’s mother said to the lady while helping her with her luggage.  She even referred to her as her daughter and this made Ruby even more curious. 
“Erm I suppose you know each other, Mum, who is she? a relative? Ruby asked.
“In your dreams. Since you and your maid can’t even take good care of me in my own son’s house, I have brought someone I can trust. From now, she will be at my service. Philo let me show you your room.” Pee’s mother said and went away with Philo to the guest house.
Ruby just stood there wondering what she meant by what she said. Does it mean that Philo was another maid? But even with her dressing, it doesn’t seem so?  
To Be Continued 
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