Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 51


​Damian: now can i have my phone back?
Pamela: of course you can just say plssss.
Damian: pulling the phone out of her back pocket, while she turned her phone slipped from her left hand crashing hard on the floor and shattering.
Pamela: not my phone she sat on the floor crying like a baby. While damian just watched.
Ricky: seriously you should have let her give it to you!
Me: walked to were she was, stop touching it already your gonna cut yourself.
Damian: alright alright am sorry about that ok.
Pamela: sorry doesnt make me feel better!
Ricky: watching her cry and yet no trace of tears he almost chuckled when he realised damian is gonna wish he never did that.
Me: pulling her up thats ok.
Pamela: damian!! am gonna tell dad you roughed me up she said walking to the door
Damian: whoa whoa he said chasing after her, i said am sorry already!
Pamela: sorry doesnt change anything!!
Damian: ok ok fine how do i make it up to you.
Pamela: smiling a bit you should have said that sooner, your gonna have to watch me practice balad, you are not allowed to frown plus your getting me a new phone!
Damian: huuuh!! You are extremely horrible, you really dont expect me to sit and watch you do those awful moves of yours.
Pamela: this time am gonna have to tell dad you pushed me! She walking out of the door.
Damian: alright!!! my credit card has been taken away, i wouldnt want to be without my car too he said while ricky and i chuckled.
Ricky; whispering in lucas ear, he’s so dead hahahaha.
Pamela: are you guys talking about me.
Me: not at all, he just told me how great you’ve become i said with smiles.
Damian: shall we??
Pamela: i dont feel like walking piggy back me she said smiling.
Damian: no way!!
Pamela: dad!!!!!!!! She yelled as he quickly held her mouth.
Damian: fine get on he said bending. She climbed on him and he walked away.
The laughter bubbling in our tommy already was really explosive, we laughed a whole lot falling back on the bed.
The weekend was quite nice, after a few times with dad i began to realize what it takes to take revenge. It means bringing dad down and i really dont think i have the stomach for that, maybe am already used to calling him dad. We went swimming on sunday and then we were set to go back to school. Everyone said goodbye except pamela, she was rather locked up in her room.
Vanessa: were’s pamela?
Ricky: in her room
Me: she said she didnt want to see us leave.
Vanessa: you guys really have to say goodbye to her, she really miss you guys alot whenever you are away. And sometimes lucas she calls your name when she’s asleep.
We walked back into the house to her room knocked on the door.
Pamela: what!!
Me: pamela open up
Pamela: you guys should go already!.
Ricky: you witch now you wanna make me feel bad and you know what that means! He said Just then the door creaked open as she hugged us.
Pamela: tell me your gonna stay a while longer.
Damian: so you can kill me! No way!!
Ricky: damian!!!
Me: not really but we’re gonna miss alot so we came to say goodbye.
Ricky: and we know you dont want to say that to us, have got just the perfect plan. I want you to have alot of fun and when am back i want to listen to all of your fun adventures, all of it.
Me: yeah me too i said smiling.
Pamela: i love you guys she said hugging us again.
Damian: yeah so can we go now.
Pamela: looks like someone still hasnt learnt how not to mess with me, consider this a parting gift. Daddy!!!!! Damian just pushed me!!!!!!!!
To be continued