HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Angie Smiles. Your sense of humour is commendable. Your faith in the spiritual realm is sagacious. Sometimes I ask myself how you do it. How u blue-penciled “logic” from your interpretations. To you,  every occurring event is spiritually connoted; even combing your hair. Your consistent smiles inspires those around you. I always tell you, You are my African Queen with American traits??. I like the way you say “oooh Ernest hahahaha ” wen I pass a funny comment?(Don’t worry you will be repeating that phrase in my next verse). You live my dreams when you go on your frequent juicy tours. Anybody who sees your picture on in my gallery belchs a compliment. Your dimples; Your eyes; Your stature ; Ebony beauty coupled with your intelligence, makes you my standard. You  are tasty and fashionable. Confession; I never stopped looking wen u were d parliamentary clerk . ????
Ur creative mind goes as far as making dresses out of curtains .???. Angie, I know u have been yearning for this wish since last year. Now fasten your seat belt as I shower you with verse 2. May you reach orgasm every time you have sex with your Mr. Right, in marriage(Emphasis on “in marriage”). May your tours extend from intranational to international, may you never get disappointed and may you go as far as ur faculty can take you. May your dreams come to pass. You are powerful beyond measure. Favour will find u wherever you are hiding. Although you enjoy staying behind the scenes, God will lift you to the front-page. May God bless anybody who blesses you today and may He answer the prayers of anybody who sends you the longest message. ????(I guess nobody saw this coming….lolx). 
I wanna end here with this quote, in appreciation to your devotion to inspire the world with your write-ups.
“A careless word may kindle strife, Acruel word may wreck a life; A timely word may lesson stress, A loving word may heal and bless.”
~~~~~~ Anon 
Happy birthday Angie. Enjoy ur day . ??????????????????
I decided to make  it brief to disappoint some people. Hahahahaha….