Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 45


Joe drove him to patmos as fast as possible, a journey of about an hour and 30minutes was cut down to roughly an hour. While they entered into the school he quickly called ricky.
Milano: get your bro and met at the car park he ordered.
Ricky came out of his room, ran quickly to lucas’ room, turning the knob as he threw the door open.
Ricky: luke!! Dad his here, he said to lucas who seemed to be reading a book.
Me: i quickly got up and followed him out of the dorm leaving my cap behind. We walked to the parking space to see him leaning on his car as he stood.
Hello dad we both said in unison
Milano: turning to see his boys when his eyes fell on the white plaster ricky told him about on lucas face. What happened to your face he asked.
Me: uhmm i was trying to explain when ricky cut in.
Ricky: damian!
Milano: damian?? he asked in surprise, ok whatever it is we’d have to settle it at home, get in he comanded.
Me: i left my door unlocked
Ricky: me too
Milano: you’ve got just 5minutes to do that. We both hurried back to our dorm, grabbed the key and locked the door. We got back to the car and we all drove off. I preffered the front seat but he made me sit at the back. I trust you not gonna lie to me, i want you to tell me how that happened he said pointing at the plaster.
Me: i felt a bit embarrassed, how am i suppose to tell him it was all because of a girl. But then i found my voice, theres this girl he’s been trying to hit on, although i met her first but was never really interested in her until recently we had a fling going on between us, and it kind of made him pissed. I was begining to like her too, then we had a little misunderstanding. I tried making up only to find damian at the eatery kissing her. I was irritated, i pulled him up with a firm grip on his collar when he shattered a wine glass on my face.
Milano: exhaling you guys fought over a girl he said a bit disappointed while ricky chuckled a bit loud.
Me: it was really annoying hearing the sound he made from the front seat.
Milano: ricky!! What was that for??
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Ricky: uhmm sorry dad i got something stuffed up in my throat he said as he tried coughing a few times, smiling a bit.
Milano: we’d have to make sure that is treated properly he said, you still have to go to the showdown am sure karen gonna find something to cover that he said.d
Me: just nodded.
Milano: and dont think for a moment its all over, the consequences of your actions awaits both of you, but until then we have the show down he said as we drove home in silence.
The day was really far spent the cloud was gonna go dark in about a few hours from now. Soon we were home, its really been a long time i came down here, we all walked into the house as pamela ran out of nowhere like she’s been expecting us for a long time, she was about hugging ricky when he ran away.
Ricky: why are you so happy to see me i smell something fishy he yelled. She quickly jumped on lucas.
Me: aaaawww what have you been eating!! I said catching her
Pamela: food of course she said smiling. Her smile quickly weared off when she saw his face. Who did that to you???
Ricky: your lovely bro
Pamela: ricky you did this!? she asked looking irritated as she walked towards him, he moved backward a bit.
Ricky: whoa whoa i was talking about damian!
Pamela: damian!!!
Vanessa: pamela!! Would you stop being noisy for crying out loud.
Pamela: mum see what damian did to lucas.
Vanessa: omg!! Were you guys fighting? She looking shocked.
To be continued