Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 43


​After a few hours at the hospital i sat up ready to leave, right now i was not just heartbroken, i was injured, i really wondered how damian could do that to me. And facing isabel amongst all other things is gonna be a bit difficult i thought. Just then the door flew open and isabel walked in.
Me: i quickly looked down abit
Isabel: hey! Are you ok she asked sitting close to him.
Me: yea thank you i said slowly.
Isabel: its really nothing i think its time to go.
Me: alright then i said standing.
Isabel: and by the way that really looks good on you she said pointing at the plaster.
Me: hahaha stop kidding i said as we left the hospital to her car, her other friends stood in front of the car.
Isabel: lucas meet my friends jenny she said as we exchange pleasantries, stephanie and lia.
Me: nice to meet y’all, sorry we had to meet in a bit messed up scenario
Lia: thats fine we were just helping our friend.
Isabel: cutting in, uhmm i think it time to go she said as we’all got in and drove back to school. We all got down as they said goodbye to me.
Me: alright bye then i said walking away slowly, and somehow i felt i still needed to say something to her. I felt my feet stopping as it turned backwards, i just wanted to say sorry and leave but then i saw my self walking back to were she stood hugging her tightly. Am really sorry isabel i said and i really meant it.
Isabel: abit shocked, she never saw that coming but then it does feel great. We are cool she said.
Me: i smiled a bit as i waved goodbye, i kept wondering how i ever pulled a stunt like that as i walked to my dorm. Well i really apreciated the fact that, after my attitude towards her she was still there to help, she made it alot easier for me.
Until today a normal me would think damian was just being who he is, but this me, now knows for sure how much of hatred he had for me. Maybe i acted foolishly, i had mira and isabel but yet my heart chose her. Well its a choice i was really gonna regret, but at this point the last thing i want was to set my eyes of her. Just then my door flew open.
Ricky: what is wrong with you man, get your a-s ready and…….he was about yelling when he saw the plaster on his face. What the hell happened to your face??
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Me: you might wanna ask our lovely bro i sarcastically.
Ricky: whoa i dont get any of this like damian did this.
Me: shaking my head, exactly my point. Well i think the show down is ruined course there’s no way am gonna go out there like this.
Ricky: exhales i get it, i dont think am going either, am gonna call dad he said walking out.
I walked to the dressing mirror taking a close look at the injured spot, tried to touch it a bit, i quickly took my hands off when i felt a sharp pain on my head. Just then my stomach made a grumbling sound indicating the absence of food. I changed into some neat cloths, got a cap on to cover the spot and was off to the cafeteria to eat.
he was already dressed to go back home. He walked out of his room to his car, while he tried to open it he felt a tap on his shoulder.
Damian: turning slowly, hey ricky!! Aint you going home?
Ricky: that depends on your definition of home.
Damian: what is it you’ve got to say he asked turning to face ricky.
Ricky: well lets just say i saw luke’s face and….
damian: cutting in oooh that i told you he has to stay away from her otherwise there will be consequences.
Ricky: let me get this, it was all because of that girl??
Damian: smiling i told you she’s mine, you’ve got a problem with that?.
Ricky: it almost seemed like he saw a whole new damian, his mouth flew open a bit in shocked.
Damian: now if you’d excuse me have got to go home.
Ricky: holding his door preventing him from shutting it. I guess you’d be the only one at the show. Then you can tell dad you almost blinded his model. Crazy dude he added walking away.
To be continued