Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 42


​Mirabel: listened to her explanation keenly, the man you said came out of the car was who? she asked again to clear her doubt, perhaps she didnt get that part clearly.
Garet: dr charles she said again.
Mirabel: staring at her for a while, she was really shocked to the bones, if she had said milano it really would not be a suprise. Are you really sure about what you just told me, she asked again.
Garet: i have no reason to lie she said assuringly.
Mirabel: gale get me the check book she commanded, he walked out and was back in less than 2minutes handing it to her. She penned down some figures handing it over to garet, your flight ticket would be sent over tomorrow, you can leave this place when you get it.
Garet: looking at the huge amount in front of her she was so shocked, you really have a good heart she said as tears ran freely from her eyes.
Mirabel: If after this weekend you are still here, whatever happens to you wont be my doing. She said as she left for her car, got in and they drove off. She was really mad at the fact that charles dared to touch her baby. He might have gotten away with other things in the past but this time, theres no escape for him.
Me: i was still in pained i felt my hand soaked in blood and i really wasnt willing to take my palm off that spot not for anything.
Isabel: come on luke get up she tried lifting him up but he kept falling, she turned to her friends who just watched. Are you girls just gonna stand there, come on! Help me out she yelled i bit as they came over as quick as possible, help him up.
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They helped him as fast as possible to isabel’s car and she drove of to the school’s health center, as they walked in the nurse at the reception saw the young man in a pool of blood, they quickly helped him to one of the rooms, were immediate attention was given to his injury. Isabel and her friends waited outside for a while.
Steph: looking at her for a while she looked so worried, isabel i thought you said he doesnt like you?
Jenny: yeah i thought i heard that too.
Lia: come on girls stop being irational he was injured and the least she could do is help, she said in defence of isabel.
Isabel: yea i think steph and jenny’s got a point, but then i cant watch my heart bleed, that how i felt, even if i walk away the guilt is gonna consume me.
The nurses cleaned his bloody face as they tried stopping the bleeding, luckily it was a deep cut a little bit above his eye brows, as they gave proper attention to the injury in other to leave no room for scars. And a after a few hours it was stitched and covered with a white plaster.
Me: opening my eyes, my head still ached but i feel a bit relieved, they gave me a few drugs and a jelly like liquid to help prevent scars.
Nurse: after resting abit you can go, but you have to change those plasters everyday, if you cant do that yourself or get somebody, you can stop by, we’d be glad to help she said and left.
he pulled her along far away from the cafeteria just then she pulled back causing him to stop.
Dera: what was that for!! Why did you hit him!!
Damian: he was gonna hit me, that was self defence
Dera: am sure just a punch would have been a enough to pass the message damian.
Damian: like i said, that was self defence, i really have no regrets and am glad now you know how important you are to me.
Dera: shaking her head as she walked away.
To be continued


  1. Dont tell me Dr charles daughter is luca’s twin… Dis is serious… damian u dont deplay love with voilet… more episode pls..