Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 34


He was at MJ quite early today, he was expecting a highly esteemed guest, which of course the secretary informed him about. Seatted right in his office when the door flew open.
Secetary: sir! He is here she said.
Milano: good let him in he instructed. Just then mr forbes walked in majestically.
Forbes: hello mr milano he said as milano stood up for a handshake.
Milano: i suppose you are james forbes he said smiling a bit.
Forbes: very correct.
Milano: plsss sit he said pointing at the chair facing him, close to his huge mahogany wood table.
Forbes: thank you he said before sitting, i’d rather want to go straight to the point, have looked into this company profile and it seem quite successful, over a million share holders, thats quite impressive. As the CEO have come to partner with this great establishment.
Milano: hope you know what you are asking for?? He asked
Forbes: am fully aware of what am getting into, have got the cash and just all the requirements, the paper works all prepared by the lawyer.
Milano: hahaha you are quite a man your lawyer is already on it before your meeting with me.
Forbes: smiling i like being positive
Milano: hmm he had to admit he was kinda impressed. Then welcome to MJ he said smiling, well no one could ever turn down such a wonderful offer that could even make his company number 1 globally, wealthy partners whom are willing to invest money dont always come by. I think destiny is smiling on me he thought as they sealed the first stage of their deal with a handshake before going into it officially.
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I slept for so long not wanting to wake, i was tired and fustrated, just then i heard a knock on my door but my body didnt feel like moving an inch close to the door, the knock came again, again and again.
Me: thats enough already!! Am coming i yelled abit, as i dragged my body out of bed to the door, unlocked it, turned the knob and threw it open to see isabel beaming with smiles.
Isabel: goodmorning luke she said smiling.
Me: hmmm let me guess you came here to laugh at me.
Isabel: noo! Am still sad about the way you ditched me and your still gonna make it up to me, she said entering into my room.
Me: i dont need a visitor right now am still feeling dizzy you can come back later, plsss leave.
Isabel: looking at me abit shock, did you just ask me to leave she said slowly.
Me: for now thats what i meant.
Isabel: i cant believe this, first you left with her and now your asking me to leave your room she said like she was gonna cry.
Me: alright alright just dont cry on me ok, just stay if you want to, i said as i shut the door laid back on my bed to sleep, right now the least i need is a pest burging my life.
Isabel: sitting on the bed as she stared at him, hmm you think am gonna sit just like that! Then your mistaken she thought as she laid close back on the bed close him.
Me: your really not the kind to give in so easily i said.
Isabel: not at all, it kinda cool here too, she said smiling abit.
Me: i turned facing the other way, when you get tired of the air here the door is open for you leave i thought as i went back to sleep.
Stretching on his bed happily he’s been having mad fun lately, last night he went clubbing, during the day he was out doing other fun activities, he woke up feeling so great when his mum called him.
Vanessa: ricky!
Ricky: goodmorning mum he said smiling, that little witch is she giving you troubles? Cos i know for sure you’d never call me unless…..
Vanessa: ricky!!! Shes your sister, well you alongside damian and lucas are gonna be modeling at the showdown this weekend.
Ricky: whoa so finally am gonna show the world how hot de rico is
Vanessa: aaarrgh!! I wished damian picked his calls i really cant stand you, byeee she said ending her call.
Ricky: hahahahha would have loved to see her squeezed face right now he said relaxing back
To be continued