Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 26


​Mum: she just couldnt get herself to say anything.
Me: its alright mum you dont have to say anything, just go upstair and have a warm shower am gonna make you dinner i said smiling as i pulled her up slowly, holding her shoulders as i lead her to the staircase. And then she ascended the stairs alone. I turned back to go in the kitchen when something on the table caught my attention.
I walked towards the table, picked up the photos, there’s a lot of wedding pictures of both mum and dad, and of course a few picture of my babyself i just smiled. But then why was she hurt i wondered as i walked into the kitchen to prepare her dinner, while i did i remembered something quite interesting. 
When i was little mum never liked dad, she always said he’s a bad person. S–t!! I said hitting my head slitly how could i have forgotten, and now the reason why she’s still digging into the past and the tears she’s shedding could it be she remembered it all, i wondered.
Me: i really had no idea what happened between them, but whatever it is must have hurt her so bad, i thought shaking my head. I brought my mind back to what i am to prepare for mum, i dont eat much of cooked food so i really dont know how to prepare them.
Me: yeeeaaah!! Nam toast with my improve recipe. I opened the fridge, reached for the chicken, quickly shredding it into smaller piece, got carrot, lettuse, green pepper and some spices, fried them all adding hot dog later. I quickly toasted the bread, fried a few irish potato that has been neatly cut in chips. Finally i was ready, i moved everything to dinning where i waited for mum for a while.
And then there she was all smiles already greeted by the aroma it emitted.
Mum: so tell me, what is it you’ve prepared she asked sitting down.
Me: rubbing my hands together nam toast, my improved version of course.
Mum: i really can’t wait to have a bite.
Me; sure go ahead mum i said smiling, as i watched her put the sauce inside of the toasted bread, taking a slowly bite
Mum: hmmmm she said whilst i watched her closely trying to make out what she was gonna say. She finished chewing, it tastes really nice she smiled, who taught you how to make this.
Me: smiling, i evented this but then i learnt a few cooking skills from our cook at home.
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Mum: aint you gonna eat too?? She asked.
Me: you havent had breakfast and lunch, you have to make up for all of it, i said grinning.
Mum: come on you should have some am really not a big eater. I joined her, as we chatted while eating, she did ask lots of question ranging from milano, to school.
So tell me lucas, have you gotten a date yet she said looking at me from the corner of her eye.
Me: huuh, well i wasnt expecting that, uhmm no mum i said smiling weirdly.
Mum: smiling hmmm but there’s someone you’re this close to, she said showing her fingers with just a very little space between them.
Me: i really dont know where to place her, sometimes it looks like we are just friends and other time, just then i remember the kiss again, it looks like we’re already dating i said smiling.
Mum: smiling i see love already she said teasingly.
Me: feeling a bit weird. How?
Mum: you need to have seen yourself in the mirror, the way you smiled while talking about her, there’s no point feeling weird ok.
Me: mum i think i have a question to ask too.
Mum: ok go ahead, she said sipping her drink.
Me: why were you in such a mood earlier.
Mum: smiling a bit, i know you are worried, its gonna take a little while for me to explain everything to you, but first you have to know you have a twin sister somewhere.
Me: a sister??? I said looking at her in total confusion.
To be continued