What's Your Story?


Over the years listening to my friends and observing happenings around me, I have learnt a whole lot. Especially with relation to how men have treated women. It is sad because it seems most times these women have willingly put themselves in the positions were they are to be mishandled by men. Well, read the following stories and also learn from their mistakes…
The names are all fake and will help you follow the story. However one story is mine. I just won’t say which one. :):):)
I started having sex when I was 18. I thought to myself back then, I have waited long enough,this virginity has got to go.  I look back on my first time: it was special, I was in love . He was not much to look at but he got me on more than a physical level. I would describe it as spiritual. 
We met through a friend on facebook. Yes facebook. The modern day number one hook up spot. You won’t believe the number  of sex hook ups; both with randos and “friends ” that happen daily on this platform. Hell,  you would do it before realising you didn’t want to. Raise your hand if you relate.  Just by the way, back to the story…
After months of correspondence, we decided to meet.
Indeed the meet up was not to do the nasty but here we were,  two teens in a room with so much attraction. Suddenly, we were kissing.. Though it wasn’t my first kiss, the rhythm of our kiss was like our lips were meant to be. After he took my clothes off, entered me slowly but painfully. (Let me stop here. This is not erotica)
After a few meet ups and hook ups… I realised I was pregnant… Scare of my life… Here I was 19 or so and pregnant… He took it quite well but ultimately he persuaded me into having and an abortion. I guess you know what happened next. We broke up months later, so it wasn’t weird. 
Nowadays young women who have no intention of having sex end up doing so.  Sometimes it is because of curiosity and other times it is just because of confusion, confusing sex with love, attraction with love. Facebook was the worse thing to happen to me. Now I am 35, married and still haven’t conceived after 8 years of marriage. I am even scared to go to the clinic to check because I am fully aware of what might be the cause… 😐 😐 😐
I mostly normally spend a long time hang over ex lovers. In fact not just hang over them, thinking of ways to revenge on them. Pitty,  I know. But you can call it my way of closing the chapter on the relationship. It was during one of my long-goodbye-kill-him episodes that I met him. He brought down my defenses with his charisma and passion… It was not easy for him. It took him almost 2yrs for me to truly love him. Then it started he was bossy, snobbish and irritable. Of course this was after I slept with him. Long and short of the matter is he dumped me for no reason 😧😧😧. So here I was with “my process” back on. Then I met him. It is a vicious cycle…
I have done a lot of silly things in my life.  The one that tops the chat is Denis. Gosh he was the epitome of bad boy gone worse. I don’t know why I was attracted to him. I guess it was his back story;  dead beat dad and he had to take care of his mom and everyone else in the family. He was slim, tall and hairy… 
When I met him I was going to the store for some ice, his eyes looked like he was running from  something. I smiled at him hoping he would  say help me!!! But he did one better he said hi and offered to walk me home… I accepted because I was intrigued about his eyes… we started talking… Looking back at that night I believe half the things we said to each other were  lies. The fact that he had just graduated and was looking for a well paying job and the fact that I was an intern…….. 
We seem to connect we spoke about our childhood with me trying to hide my high religious standards. Like what I do for stray cats I ended the evening going home with him though he was a bit sketchy .  We talked some more and ended up kissing. He all of a sudden brought out a joint. I had heard friends talk about it but I had not seen it before.   He lit it,puffed it and passed over to me. Eager to act like I belonged I took it. We ended up fucking that night. My first one night stand. I woke up in the morning with half of the good things in the apartment stolen. I had fun that night and thus began my stream of one night stands and drugs. .. I guess it is about the thriller,living on the edge…

By Lawrencia  Oppong Peprah