Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 25


​I was finally in my room, i showered and was about having a short nap, when i remembered i havent heard from mum for a while. I picked up my phone, dailed her number. It ringed for a while but she didnt pick up, i decided to try again, it ringed again, just when i thought she wasnt going to pick i heard her voice on the other end of the line.
Mum: hello luke
Me: her voice sounded abit weird are you ok mum?? I asked immediately.
Mum: yea just having a bad cough she lied.
Me: the voice i heard sounded like someone who has been crying for a very long time or perhaps stressed out. Have you had lunch?
Mum: uhmmm…yes, tell me you’ve eaten too she said. She left the house early without breakfast and to this very moment she havent eaten anything.
Me: there was something about the way she talk, i was certain she isnt fine. Well am not gonna ask her anymore, i have to go see for myself. Ok mum have got to go now.
Mirabel: byee honey!
I dropped the line picked up my jacket and my car key, walked down to my car and zoomed off.
He was in his office at styles, going through some official reports when karen walked in.
Karen: goodafternoon sir
Milano: yes karen he said raising his head, waiting to hear what she has to say.
Karen: there’s been new arrivals from new york, these are the paper works. She said handing over some document to him while he collected them to take a brief look at them.
Milano: and the samples?
Karen: all ready sir she said smiling.
Milano: the models?
Karen: am afraid sire we have a problem, deliveries are mostly male outfit, and we have limited male models, the show down has already been scheduled for weekend.
Milano: uhmm then you have to put it on the bill board, just find away to make people aware, am sure the turn ups gonna be good.
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Karen: sir making such an advertizement doesnt give a good public potrait of this prestigious company. With all due respect sir i think it will be quite easier if your sons were to fill in.
Milano: hmmm he hummed for a while thats a good solution, but i still think you put in your best to find models and if you cant until friday i’ll bring my boys over.
After driving for a while i was finally at my mum’s house, lowering my glass for security check. I was at the door, i turned the knob of the doublecoated bullet proof glass door and it opened. Walked in slowly, everywhere shown so brightly. I strolled into the sitting room to see mum looking into some book with a carton box in front of her and few pictures on the table, most of all trace of tears all over her face.
Me: i was so shocked to see her like this she looked very troubled, i wondered why she was in such a mood as i walked slowly towards her, she could rarely notice my presence, she seemed so engross in whatever she was reading. Mum??? I said
Mirabel: theres only one person who’d call her mum, but how is it that he’s here, she turned slowly in shock to see lucas standing with worried looks in front of her. Why are you here? she asked in shock.
Me: sitting close to her, whats wrong mum, whats making you cry and dont tell me your fine like you did on the phone because your clearly not, i asked waiting for an answer.
To be continued