Mum’s Marriage Episode 10 – Crossed Limits


She wasn’t ready to keep this to herself, she quickly run off to tell her master, Pee.
It’s been two weeks and yet there was no sign of Ruby. Pee hardly even stayed home, he couldn’t stand the sight of philo and the atmosphere there was even bad for him. Anytime he comes back from his normal day routine which was searching for his wife, he locks himself up in his bedroom. He only trusted Kwasimaa who came in to his room to serve him his meals. But even after a week Kwasimaa heard the conversation between Philo and Pee’s mother, she had never had the courage to tell Pee about what she heard. She was scared she may be sacked from the house. This is Pee’s mother in question here, what use is a maid’s word against the master’s mother. 
There was more to it, Kwasimaa was very good at keeping secrets and even as much as she wanted to tell her master because of the pains and torture he was going through ever since Ruby left, She had made a promise to Ruby not to disclose her location until Ruby gives her the go ahead. All along Kwasimaa knew of Ruby’s whereabouts and even paid her frequent visits secretly. 
Any time she saw Pee in his sad state, she was tempted to speak and break the promise she has made to Ruby. Pee had come back very late from another search which yielded nothing. He came back so tired that as soon as he got to the living room, he took off his shoes, untie his tie and settled down at the hall. 
Kwasimaa heard him coming in and quickly went to the kitchen to get him some orange juice. Just as she was heading back to the hall from the kitchen, Philo deliberately bumped into her, causing the juice to fall off the serving tray which Kwasimaa was holding. The juice spilled and the glass broke when it fell.
Just about then, Philo started yelling at Kwasimaa, calling the attention of both Pee and his mother. “What is going on here” Pee quickly asked.
Philo then interrupted Kwasimaa when she was about explaining. “Can you imagine, I told this good for nothing maid to get you refreshed since you came in looking tired and all she could do was to lazy about and carelessly damage this expensive glass” Philo said completely lying about the whole situation and even before Kwasimaa could defend herself, she received a slap from Pee’s mother. 
“How can you be so careless you good for nothing girl” She said and attempted to give Kwasimaa another slap but fortunately for Kwasimaa, Pee stopped her that moment. 
That was the first time in a very long while that Kwasimaa felt pain. She was stunned by what Pee’s mother and Philo did, even to the extent that she couldn’t defend herself. All she could do was to ran into her room in tears. Pee didn’t even believe Philo and his own mother. He had stayed long enough to know how serviceable Kwasimaa is. Philo then came in and made it all look bad from Kwasimaa’s side.
“Ah, she just run off like that, without even cleaning the place up. What kind of maid is this? Philo uttered. Her statement pushed Pee to the wall. 
“What is your purpose in this house anyway, get this place cleaned up rightnow” Pee said, shouting it at her. Pee’s mother and Philo herself were surprised from the way he acted. They could tell that he has obviously changed towards them. 
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Philo and Pee’s mother had actually dug their own grave by playing with the cubs in the absence of the lioness. It was on this note that Kwasimaa decided to tell Pee what she had heard Philo and Pee’s mother say and probably tell him about the whereabouts of his wife Ruby. If not for anything, just to beg for her forgiveness. 
Kwasimaa didn’t waste any more time the following morning. Pee was already at the sitting room still wondering where and how he would find his wife Ruby. 
“Oh God, please bring my wife home. I miss her and I love her so much. Mmm what am I going to do now? Pee cried out. 
Just then, Kwasimaa came in, shouting and calling out to Pee. “Master, Master” She called out.  Pee even got frightened with the way she was calling him. It was as if someone was after him. 
“Hey hey, where to? Why the rush? Is someone after you or what?” Pee asked. 
“ ’solly’ sir” Kwasimaa apologized. She was panting heavily.
 “Now, tell me, what is going on” Pee anxiously asked her.  Kwasimaa quickly looks around to see if the Pee’s mother or Philo was close by, she however discovered that the coast was clear. 
“I said it. That girl and GRANDMAA planning everything well well. GRANDMAA want you to marrying that small witch.” Kwasimaa said. 
Pee was even confused now more than ever. He was really anxious to hear what Kwasimaa had to say. 
“What are you talking about, small witch, who are you talking about?” Pee said. 
Kwasimaa was getting impatient, her master was not getting her. 
“Oh master, you are too mtchw(tattled)…come let me telling you.” Kwasimaa said. She then whispered everything into Pee’s ears. Pee on the other hand never doubted Kwasimaa for any reason. It was obvious Kwasimaa wouldn’t make up such lie. Thinking that was all he needed to hear, Kwasimaa revealed what was most important to him. 
“Master,  is not saying everything ooo, me knowing where madam is now now now” Kwasimaa said. 
Pee’s face came alive as soon she said that. “What did you say, did I hear you right??” Pee asked, waiting to get an assurance from Kwasimaa. 
“Oh master, you hearing me left. Madam at Auntie Mary’s house now”. Kwasimaa revealed.  All along Ruby was in her best friend’s house. How come he didn’t even think of that? Just then, he went into his car and drove off to find his wife Ruby. 
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