Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 24


​Me: abit shocked sophie!! Hey! I said smiling weirdly.
Sophia: i guess this is the part where you start explaining, she said with her hands on akimbo.
Me: i just dont get why i was having a weird feeling about her question, didnt seem to have the words. Remember when you told me to apologize to her.
Sophia: ooh she said nodding and uhmm the peck of course was part of the apology scheme.
Me: just nodding, as i looked at my wrist watch, i really have go now soph, talk to you later, i said walking pass her, to avoid further questioning i wonder why i felt like i owed her an explanation too.
Sophia: i see she said looking abit sad as she walked to her room stamping her feet on the floor so hard.
Walking out of the girls dorm, ditching sophia kinda made me feel weird but then the feeling was flushed away when i remembered the wonderful moment when she kissed my cheek i couldnt help but smile as i walked to my room.
Sitting on the sofa she scanned through the photos, some were her wedding photos with milano and photos of lucas when he was a baby. Every piece was begining to fix itself and everything was becoming clear, she was forced to marry milano and thats how she gave birth to lucas. However she still had more questions she needed to ask like why she moved far away from home, more like she was hiding from something. She look through the numerous photo and a few writings of her which made no sense at all.
Then she picked up the diary as she read through it with keen interest, it contained details from when she got married to milano.
“finally am right where everyone wants me to be. I was right after all, he’s really not the kind to keep his eyes of ladies. I knew he was no gentleman, thanks to his deceptive ability everyone thinks he is” she kept on reading and flipping the pages.
15th may 1996………..
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Dear diary,
Never thought i knew pain or grief until tonight, i thought i could hold on, i hoped i was gonna be fine. I wished i was strong enough, all it took was the drunk beast to come home, ripping my world apart like they never existed. The pain i felt was worst than dying a thousand time. Tried talking but everyone thinks i was trying to get away. I was alone in hell.
And now when i thought there’s still an atom of human feeling left in his beastful nature he raped me over and over again!!!” while she read it she held her mouth sobbing slightly, she knew when and why she wrote those words. She continued reading and then she got to a point where the final part of her question was finally answered.
“In the future, the one person who made my whole life a wreck, i will not offer him forgiveness, i will make him suffer the pain of a thousand death, he’s gonna beg for death and death will be far from him. He would wish he was never born, he would wish he never met this lady, he is gonna watch his world crumble from undernearth him, his tears will be like the waters i’ll wait for that day. But then i’d make sure my baby lives in a world where he is gonna have to make his own choice until then i have to be fine.”
Everything was crystal clear now, the pain, the grief, she remembered it all by now her eyes were tired of crying, she got the answer to all her questions except for one. Her daughter ashley she thought and just then her phone rang, she looked at the screen and it was lucas.
To be continued