Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 23


​Damian: looking at ricky for a while, i cant get her off my system he said.
Ricky: smiling# i get it man but trust me, I have got just a perfect replacement for her he said smiling.
Damian: pissed# why dont you give that dude over there your so called replacement??
Ricky: that’s your kid bro damian its your responsibility to look out for him.
Damian: and do you know what brothers do? They watch each others back but you are just simply defending a stranger. Am gonna have to get what i want first. He said angrily as he made to walk away.
Ricky: grabbing his arm, a stranger?? He said as he scoffed, never thought it would get to this point but then you made things like this, he said as he turned looking at him in the eye. Messing around with lucas is messing with me.
Damian: pulling his arm off, we’d see about that he said as he walked away.
Right in front as we watched both team compete, we talked, laughed, took selfies and ate candies, we were having mad fun.
Dera: am out of candies she said with a baby face.
Me: looking at mine still huge and puffy, how those that concern me i said moving my candy away smiling.
Dera: come on!! lukky dont be stingy she said looking at me with the corner of her eye.
Me: lukky!! Its lucas
Dera: i know am gonna be the only one calling you that she said winking.
Me: ok great i said smiling.
Dera: putting her hands on my shoulder as she drifted her mouth close to my candy.
Me: moving it away caught ya
Dera: come on!! She said feigning a sad face.
Me: hahaha ok fine lets share, crossing our arms together as we both held the candy, she took a bite as she smiled. I moved it close as i had a huge bit.
Dera: huuuuh!!! She exclaimed holding her chest, thats a big bite.
Me: smiles# dont tell me your gonna cry, oooh!! Cry baby i said teasingly!
Dera: huuuuh!!! Did you just call me cry baby??
Me: nodding what are you gonna do about……i was about saying that when the riped the candy out of the stalk.
Dera: hahaha its all mine now
Me: you not gonna eat that its mine!!.
Dera: look whose gonna cry she said with a smile as she quickly ate the candy.
Me: huuuuuh i yelled in shock, she quickly took a photo of me.
Dera: hahahaah you look weird.
Me: dera!!!
Dera: now whose gonna be called cry baby?.
Me: look!! they are about to score i said as she shifted her gaze to the match i snatched the phone.
Dera: lucas!!! Not cool give it back.
Me: grinning am gonna have to delete this photo i said and was about to erase the photo when i felt a sharp pain on my arm. Aaaargggh you bit me!!
Dera: smiling that was a warning give it back she said moving her mouth close to my arm again.
Me: ok ok!!! have it, you really are a badass i said holding my arm.
We gisted, played and finally the match was over, we were out of the peach as i excorted her to her dorm. She gave me a peck on my right cheek before we said goodbye. I stood there replaying the event, just then i turned to leave i saw sophia with folded arms smiling.
Sophia: you’ve got alot of explaining to do luke she said grinning
To be continued