Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 22


​She sat in her car for a while still holding her head
Driver: are you ok ma’am?? He asked should i take you to the hospital?
Mirabel: no no its fine she said as she tried wiping her tears which kept flowing freely from her eyes. And finally she got a hold of her self, got down from the car and was about walking into the house again when the driver ran as fast as he could, standing in her path preventing her from reaching the door.
Mirabel: what are you doing she asked angrily.
Driver: i know i could get fired this very minute but ma’am i cant let you go inside anymore, its really not good for your health.
Mirabel: and what are you?? A doctor?? Now move and am not gonna ask you again! She said in a mean tone.
Driver: shaking his head in refusal i’d have to excort you inside he said.
Mirabel: exhales fine! She said as she walked in with the driver behind.
She remembered this house, but then why on earth did she move in here, she walked into lucas’ room looking around to see all the toys she bought for him, and then she walked into the basement dried blood stain was still seen on the floor, obviously showing its been a while, she search around the house, saving her room for the last.
Driver: ma’am can you tell me what your looking for i’d be glad to help he said.
Mirabel: staring at him for a while any piece of information you can find in here. She said as she ascended the stairs to her room, and then she found her diary still in tact right inside her locker, collecting it and shutting the locker simultaneously. When her eyes found a carton box on top of the book shelf in her room. She walked towards the shelf stretched her hands to get it. Taking a brief look inside the box was lots of photos and a few of her writing.
 Putting her diary inside as she carried it out of the room. When the driver spotted her with a load he rush over taking it from her to the trunk of the car and they left.
I got ready for class, arranged a few books in my bag and was off to class. We had our lectures as usual, today there was a handball game competition and almost half of the school population was present. I thought of going over too, but the fact that it was gonna be crowdy and noisey, i was having a double opinion.
Dera: hey!
Me: smiling hi!
Dera; dont tell me you aint going for the match.
Me: uhmm havent decided yet.
Dera: come on! lets go, I’ve got a reserved seat in front and there’s gonna be alot of cotton candies.
Me: is someone trying to talk me in?? I teased.
Dera: smiling# if that’s what you call it yeah she said.
Me: ok i said packing my stuff as we walked down to the peach she grabbed my arm.
We got to the peach and everyone was seatted as the players took their formation, i quickly bought 2 pink cotton candies before locating our seat in front.
Damian: he was already waiting eagerly for the match to kick start and then he saw the couple walked in. He was pissed i thought i warned this dude to keep away!! He thought, am not gonna be sorry for this he said standing as he walked through the crowd angrily, just when he got to the walk lane on the audience seat, someone grabbed his shoulders leading him up to the back.
Damian: ricky??? What is it you have to say have got things to do right away.
Ricky: its about what your gonna do damian.
Damian: i told you before, she was first mine.
Ricky: no one is gonna contend that with you damian, think about it, have you seen him hanging with any girl before??
Damian: nope but hows that my business??
Ricky: i see the way he threats her damian i think his in love with her.
Damian: pissed# you are talking gibberish!
Ricky: come on that’s your kid bro we are talking here, and you are super don juan, you’ve got all the girl you’ve ever wanted, just make this one an exception damian is that too much to ask??
To be continued