Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 21


After long hours with charles still trying to talk him out.
Charles: am gonna say this milano for the last time for the sake of our friendship let lucas go, come on think about it, you have rico, damian and pamela. No one is gonna argue about their paternity but mirabel she’s got just lucas milan, you have no idea what shes capable of doing just to keep her baby. I really wish you realize that before its too late, before your own kids turns there back on you, they are grown up now and you know it.
Milano: exhales as silence fell everywhere, i think am gonna have to think over this again, have a wonderful night rest charles. He said as he left.
********ricky flash back*********
he had a wonderful night as he walked into the school at late hours feeling great about himself, just then he saw lucas, carrying a lady. He was dead shock he sneaked behind to have a properly look and the lady was dera. He just stood there as he watch them walked into the girls dorm.
Ricky: first lucas is not the kind to care that much and secondly carrying her to her room with all care. It was all clear lucas was inlove. He waited and waited outside for a while and he seemed like he’s gonna be there forever. Just then he staggered away to his room.
She just couldnt sleep as her mind kept wandering while she rolled from left to right and right to left on intervals right on her bed and finally the brightness of the cloud filled the house. She got out of bed, did her hygiene, got dressed as she walked to her limo, giving the adress to her driver, who took off immediately, it was quite a long ride and finally they were in an isolated street, looking carefully out of the window for the address and finally 216 was bodly written on a bill.
Mirabel: that’s it, she said as the driver pulled over packing in front of the house, she got down from the car as she stared at the house, there was something about the house that seemed so familiar. Wait here she ordered the driver as she walked to the door, exhaling as she turned the knob suprising it creaked open and she walked in to see everything still in tact with cobwebs almost everywhere. 
She shut the door behind as she walked in slowly into the sitting room, everystep she took inside seemed to remind her of something scary. Looking at the red rug, just then voices began to play in her head.
Mirabel: what are you doing with those pictures!!!!
Lucas: i just want to know who my dad is!! Those words echoed in her head as the event played infront of her like she seeing it happening, she watched her self grabbing his hair angrily as he cried in pains, pulling him in the bathroom. The memories kept coming, she just couldnt take it, she tried stopping herself from seeing them but it just wont stop, it kept on coming, finally she’s had enough as she held her head so tight staggering backwards she screamed so loud.
The driver quickly rushed in as fast as possible to see her sobbing holding her head like it was gonna explode, he quickly lead her to the car.
To be continued