Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 160


Mirabel kept her gaze fixed on him as he gradually stood up.
Mirabel: that’s Keith she told her self over and over, after blinking a few times, just to be sure she wasn’t asleep in anyway. She walked towards him slowly, as she kept on muttering Keith! And then she increased her pace giving him a hug.
Liz who saw the display of emotion between them stood for a while to watch, as Keith held her to himself. After a really long time they let go of each other, taking their seats. That was when she walked away.
Mirabel: i know i don’t have the right to ask anymore. But you never kept your promise and i want to know why.
Keith: i know i kept you waiting longer than i should Mirabel. I came back for you! But it was way too late already, you were married.
Mirabel: and you left just like that.
Keith: i was hurt! I wasn’t even thinking straight.
Mirabel: i never loved my husband, she said looking at him in the eyes. You should have seen me first before leaving Keith.
Keith: and do what Mirabel talk you into leaving your husband or run away with me?
Mirabel: yes!! That’s what i wanted, i wished you did that Keith.
Keith: he stared at her surprise, how about now Mirabel, am i too late again??
Mirabel: the last thing i want is to be deceived i know you are probably married. You don’t have to feel obligated to me.
Keith: i never had a successful relationship Mirabel no matter how hard i tried, not a day passes that i don’t think of you.
Mirabel: and i felt my heart was lost forever.
Keith: i still need you in my life he said as tears gathered up in his eyes.
Mirabel: a lot has changed now Keith, you know nothing about me anymore.
Keith: i know you’ve probably experience a lot of new thing, all that matters is, that college girl who drove me crazy years ago is still in there.
Mirabel: she felt like smiling as tears gathered up in her eyes.
Keith: have come to realize you are all the good i need in my life Mirabel. Life is worthless without you. I made a mistake of leaving you once and am not gonna do it again.
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Mirabel: i have my own kids now Keith and they are grown.
Keith: nothing can change my mind now Mirabel, am here now to do what i should have done years ago.
Mirabel: she saw the seriousness in his eyes, deep down she has already accepted, it’s just too good to be true. She just couldn’t believe this was happening right now.
Keith: marry me Mirabel, i can’t wait no more. Please he said kneeling in front of her.
Mirabel: i think we still have to talk things over she said slowly as their gaze found each other. His eyes still glittered like she remember, they slowly motioned there lips toward each other and then they were locked in a passionate kiss.
Everyone was having a really good time as a cool music was played for couples interested in having a dance together.
Sophia: i think we should go check on mum and Keith she whispered.
Me: that’s right, i said as we walked toward the left part of the garden
just then our eyes found mum and Keith kissing each other deeply.
Sophia: wooow that was so quick she said grinning.
Me: i only gave a really big grin. I guess they are trying to catch up on past years of loneliness.
Sophia: yeah right.
After what took like so long they finally pulled away from each other, as they stared at each other with love fire burning in their eyes. We both walked closer giving a really weird smile, as they moved their attention to us.
Keith: he quickly gave them a thank you smile.
Mirabel: Keith i wasn’t kidding when i said i had kids, grown kids.
Keith: i know you weren’t.
Mirabel: see those 2 standing over there??  Those are my kids she said with a smile.
Keith: huuuh! Lucas and Sophia he yelled a bit staring at us.
We both shrugged smiling weirdly.
Mirabel: that’s right, why are you so surprised.
Keith: let me guess you sent them to Los Angeles.
Mirabel: nope, they haven’t been to Los Angeles.
Keith: they were in Los Angeles 2 weeks ago.
Mirabel: 2 weeks ago they were on a trip to New York, except they weren’t in New York. She turned swiftly to us. We shrugged again smiling.
Keith: if you didn’t send them to me, then how did they find me?
Mirabel: i made mention of your name just once in one of our conversation. Lucas??? She called like she expected me to give an answer.
Me: well James Forbes, was a little bit helpful i said with a smile. While they stared at us like living sculptures.

To be continued…….
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