Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 16


​Me: i’ll kill you!!!! I yelled as i continued the chase, he ran into the base ball peach.
Ricky: come on man!!! Aint you tired already am late!!! He yelled
Me: late?? I said stopping abit
Ricky: stopping in front of me as he grinned, yeah am gonna have a date too he said
Me: with who i asked abit suprised.
Ricky: dont sweat it man it was part of the deal you know.
Me: your evil!!!! I yelled as i chased him again angrily
Ricky; your the best lucas!!!! He yelled as he ran away.
she waited patiently for a report from the men for hours and soon one of them walked in.
Mirabel: looking at him closely he wasnt holding any document. Dont tell me you found nothing???
Man: am sorry ma’am..
Mirabel: get the hell out!!!! She yelled at him angrily, as he left quickly, her fingers unconsciously made tapping sound with her table, as she waited impatiently. After about 30minutes 2 of her personal security walked in
Mirabel: tell me you found something she asked impatiently as she looked at them with searching eyes.
Men: not at all ma’am
Mirabel: exhaling, its alright you can go she said. She turned left and right on her rotary sit. What am i gonna do next she thought over and over. Perhaps i should ask lucas she thought, that sounds like a really great idea but she didnt really want to get him disturbed about anything.
Mirabel: aaaarghhh she yelled to herself, she’s had had enough already perhaps she needs to go home first, take a nice shower and have a wonderful rest, then am gonna decide what next to do she thought. She put a few things in place got up picking her purse as she walked to the door of her office. Just then the last of her personal security which was sent on the same errand alongside the triad which just left turned the knob and they almost collided.
Mirabel: pissed# what is wrong with you!!!
Man: am so sorry ma’am i never knew you were at the door he apologized.
Mirabel: thats ok she said go ahead tell me you fail too.
Man: not at all ma’am i found something at the general hospital.
Mirabel: thats the hospital charles works, have a seat she said as she walked back to her seat. So what is it you found?
Man: handing over a couple of folded papers to her.
Mirabel: taking them as she took a closer look. In july 1997 she put to birthday in the general hospital, hmmm she said as she read further with keen interest.
“Mirabel mcfadden a stage 2 mental patient, admitted with her son, he seemed to be badly bullied by his insane mother” she was shocked, before she showed any further emotions she realized the man was still in her office.
Mirabel: welldone she said with a smile, meet the secretary and she gonna give you a check.
Man: smiling thank you ma’am he said as he left immediately.
Mirabel: she took more time to read through that paragraph, trying so hard to remember just anything, and then she did, it all played clearly in her head when she lucked him up in that room, it was snowy, tears ran down her cheek. She scanned through the pages and then her eyes found something quite interesting.
“Mirabel mcfadden a mother of twin babies a girl and a boy.” with a name written below “lucas and ashley”
Mirabel: her whole system froze, the information she just got was way too much, the paper unconsciously fell of her grip. You mean i didnt give birth to just lucas?
To be continued