Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 15


​Isabel: lucas???? She said pretending to be shocked
Me: i quickly looked around to see if her lunatic brother laid ambush somewhere.
Isabel: i know she said with a smile its just the 2 of us.
Me: really i asked still not convinced
Isabel: yeah she nodded and by the way am sorry about your face.
Me: smile# thanks i said. I was impressed at the movie that just displayed in front of me, she acted like she wasnt expecting me, am very certain this was all a plot, having ricky in this was enough reason for me to believe he set this up. And i know for sure ricky wasnt doing this out of the goodness of his heart but this time he isnt getting away with it, i was brought back to reality by her words.
Isabel; are you ok??
Me: yeah of course
Isabel; calling the waiter who came with the menu and we made a few pick. So tell me about yourself.
Me: uhmmm there isnt much to talk about, am boring, like being isolated, i can be very annoying too.
Isabel: hahahahaha you are d–n funny.
Me: wasnt expecting that to be funny anyway, i just smiled uneasily.
Isabel: ok whats your favourite colour??
Me: color!! Uhmmm i think i like black and you?
Isabel: white and your fav fruit??
Me: strawberry you?
Isabel: grapes, and then the waiter came with 2 silver coated tray each containing our orders, well i didnt know what to say to her, this was my first and i could swear its definitely boring.
Me: lets eat i said with a smile.
Isabel: yepeee!! She said as we began to eat and after a while she rolled up her spag stretching her hands towards my mouth.
Me: looking forward to see her fork with rolled spag in front of me, uhmmm….i said
Isabel: smiling come on!!! Luke just a bite she said grinning, plssss………
Me: opening my mouth slowly as she put the spag in.
Isabel: was all smiles, i like the way you chew she said looking at me as she put the fork in her mouth.
Me: i hate spags, it makes me wanna puke was trying so hard to swallow and finally i did, i quickly grabbed my glass of water to maintain composure.
Isabel: smiling as she rolled up another spag.
Me: uhmm i dont really like cooked food i said smiling abit.
Isabel: oooh she said obviously dissapointed.
We ate and discussed for a while and finally we were done what a relief, we drove down together to school, she came down walked slowly towards me.
Me: now what?? I thought, as she walked towards me, before i realised she was close she gave me a peck.
Isabel: have a nice evening she said with a smile.
Me: i looked a bit shock as my numb feet was finally relieved, she’s really something else, i trust i wouldnt want to be hanging out with her, shes trouble! I was lost in thought when i felt the sudden urge of throwing up, i rushed to the trash can.
Me: exhaling deeply to catch my breath, ricky your so gonna die this time, i bet you think you had me fooled i said angrily. I walked to the boys dorm with an angry face straight to his room to see ricky all dressed like he was about going out.
Ricky: whoa whoa whoa whats the look on you face?? He said moving backward.
Me: the kind that tells you are doom ricky you sold me off again!!!! For crying out loud that’s isabel.
Ricky: i really dont know what your talking about.
Me: her lunatic bro is gonna be back but before then am sure he gonna give you your share from your bargain. I said folding my fist, as i swung a heavy blow to his face, he dodged quickly and ran away.
Me: aaaarrrghhh come back here i yelled as i ran after him.
Ricky: am sorry man but your gonna have to catch me first!!! He yelled
To be continued