Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 150


Micheal was out of the house to see his daughter, he knew Mirabel will never forgive him this time. After a long drive he was at his daughter’s house, he ranged the door bell and then in a few seconds it flew open.
Micheal: Harley!!! He yelled a bit shocked.
Harley: Micheal!!! She yelled as her eyes popped open like she’s seen a ghost.
Actually all Micheal said about Harley leaving him just because of Mirabel were all lies. Harley found out he got mixed up in some dirty deals which he was willing to keep to himself no matter what and gradually she knew about his organisation. She was furious about this finding, while her trust for him depleted. I mean after years of marriage, just when you think you are way past keeping secrets from each other. You wake up one day to find out your spouse is keeping an even deadlier secret.
Micheal: you came back he said as she hugged him.
Harley: you are alright!! She said almost close to tears.
Micheal: am fine, he said as she examined his body to be sure. Before leading him in. The shock on both Sophia and Mirabel’s face were like that of Harley’s.
Micheal: He was confused about what to do, whether to hug them or tell them he
couldn’t find Lucas, as Sophia quickly hugged him.
Mirabel: The shocked expression was gradually replaced by a wonderful curvy smile. If dad is alive then my Lucas is alive!! She yelled in her head. Why is he not here, maybe he got hurt or something. Well anything is better than being dead, as long as i get to see my baby it’s fine by me
Sophia: Grandpa where is Lucas??
Mirabel: she only nodded as she waited for an answer to Sophia’s question.
Micheal: can i sit?
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Harley: of course isn’t this your daughter’s house.
Micheal: exhaling, he wasn’t just sure how to explain things to them. But he began anyway. Before the flooding an employee and a girl about Lucas age, held Lucas and the president’s son hostage. Although Lucas seemed to know her from somewhere, they were the one’s who caused the flooding. Like a flash she was trying to get away with Lucas, before we could figure out why they were running when they weren’t chased, we were all swept away by a mighty flood.
Mirabel: was now impatient ok??
Micheal: we somehow found an escape route, but Lucas has been taken far away. I sent men in search of him but no one could find him.
Mirabel: she stood and walked away. Sophia who looked really sad right now,
but that didn’t stop her from asking the question she harbored in her head. Grandpa, the girl, you talked about could you describe her a bit.
Micheal: Micheal did his best trying to describe her. Do you know her too?.
Sophia: if 70% of your description is correct, then i think that’s Dera, that is if she doesn’t have a doppelganger. But what would she be doing there she thought.
Micheal: tell me about this Dera.
Sophia: we haven’t had a really long chat but all i know is she is madly in love with Lucas and he feels the same. Are you ok??
Micheal: yea am fine i’ll be leaving now.

Soon he was out again, i tried standing but my legs hurt too. I think it’s way better than my right arm.

Me: i thought when someone get’s hurts they should be taken to the hospital. Well it doesn’t look like am gonna be visiting one soonest. I looked around the room, only to find a few picture of her when she was a teenager. I knew i wasn’t supposed to do that, but i was so bored, thinking about how mum and Sophia is gonna feel. I really
wanted to leave this very minute.

Ketsiyah: you should stay away from those.

Me: you leave here alone?

Ketsiyah: yep

Me: and your family??

Ketsiyah: she was about putting the item she came with in her locker, and then she paused staring at me, they’re gone!!.


Me: am sorry about that, but don’t you have friends.


Ketsiyah: you talk too much! Well since you are eager to know. I have no friend, the last time i checked no one wants to be friends with a crazy person.


Me: that’s sad, you must have been so lonely.


Ketsiyah: what is wrong with you!! Stop talking already.


Me: i kept mute immediately, why is she pissed??


Ketsiyah: she stared at me for a while, if you wanna go home, just say so, no one is holding you hostage well i wish you stay a bit more.

To be continued…..