Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 149


I woke up in a really strange place, that looked like nothing i have ever seen before. It felt like i was trapped in a really weird dream. I looked around but nothing in here seemed familiar. I know this definitely isn’t the afterlife, because if 90% of what have heard were true, then it should be beautiful!
Me: where am i?? I tried speaking, when some lady walked in.
Lady: you are awake! She said with a smile.
Me: although my visions were still a bit blurry, she looked like someone have seen before.
Lady: you can call me ketsiyah she said with a smile.
Me: i think i know you from somewhere, i said still looking into her eyes, trying really hard to remember.
Ketsiyah: you need to rest a lot.
Me: my body hurts so bad, i think i have been lying for way too long i said trying to smile.
Ketsiyah: then you must be hungry i guess.
Me: yes! am really starving i said trying to get up when i felt a really sharp pain on my right hand. Aaaaarrrghhh i yelled falling backwards.
Ketsiyah: sorry! i forget to tell you, it seems you broke your right arm.
Me: how do i eat now??
Ketsiyah: don’t worry i’ll feed you she said smiling as she helped me up.
Me: she walked out and was back with a weird looking meal, i have never seen before. Well i wasn’t gonna eat but my tummy felt so empty. After having a taste of it with my eyes close, it tasted really amazing compared to it’s looks.
Ketsiyah: you like it?? She said with a smile.
Me: i nodded staring at her eyes, there is  just something about her eyes, i was 101% sure i have seen her somewhere. Right now my brain was really messed up to remember. The last thing i remember was, drowning, when someone grabbed my hands. Thanks for saving me.
Ketsiyah: smiling i don’t remember saving you.
Me: you don’t??
Ketsiyah: just kidding you’re welcome.
Me: is this your house?
Ketsiyah: you want to know??
Me: yup i said smiling.
Ketsiyah: then don’t ask, you really have a cute smile you know that right?
Me: thank you. She turned to leave, her hair looked familiar too. I tasked my brain harder, she didn’t look like a college student. Perhaps grandpa sent her, that’s not possible. Just then i think i found something. She could be the psychic?? I thought as goose bumps built up on my skin. And then she was back with a glass of water.
This time i took a closer look at her, she looked exactly like her, only this time she looked pretty normal and cuter!
Ketsiyah: are you alright?
Me: of course i said gulping the glass of water with my left arm. I know you!!
Ketsiyah: really she said with a smile, how?
Me: you are the psychic i said smiling a bit.
Ketsiyah: you sure have a good memory am impressed.
Me: how did you find me?
Ketsiyah: i didn’t find you, you found me.
Me: i don’t understand.
ketsiyah: i can’t explain that to you.
Me: i want to know i said staring her in the eye.
Ketsuyah: the only thing bigger than fate is destiny, after holding your palm, the smooth sensation that comes with it. I found myself dreaming of you every single night that passed. Of course there were weird dreams too, like you taking overdose of sleeping tablets.
Me: whoa!! My eye popped open in shook.
Ketsiyah: until that night i thought it was just a dream and then i saw her too, she was pointing a gun at you and then the whole place was flooded. That moment i realized it was just a dream, you were gonna die that night. Well i was gonna go back to sleep but somehow i saw my self, trying to locate you. Although i came a bit late i saw the same girl and one man who held on to her strongly like she was gonna do something really funny walking away. I walk towards the direction they came from, that was when i found an opening, i looked inside for a while, and then i struggled trying really hard to get to were i was. Well i wasn’t ready to get wet you know, i was hoping you’d make it out on your own but you couldn’t.
Me: i only stared at her in shock, like she possessed some sort of super powers.
To be continued…….