Agony Of Love Final Episode 18


I told him about my past issues he said it’s in my past and i should make sure i forget and think of what the future holds for me i was glad. We were seen walking together always and i became the envy in class.. We helped each other study day and night burning the midnight candle and finally the d day came.

We wrote our papers with so much confident and became the best students so far in that remedial school. I got 6As 2 Bs.. He got 8As. My parents were proud of us and agreed on our relationship when he asked me to be his girlfriend. My dad couldn’t hide his joy and decided to buy me forms at Knust. He also applied for Economics whiles i applied for science Education . We bid farewell to our parents to start campus life.

We made sure to base the relationship on sex after marriage.  We studied very hard and avoided all sorts of drama on campus , our books were our only focus .. Finally In our last semester i heard a knock on my door it was Easter break and all my roommates had gone home to enjoy with their family . Kwaku told me he would be leaving as well so i helped him pack and saw him off at the school gate.

I decided to rest a little bit when i heard the knock… Omg I screamed. It was Kwaku and he wanted to surprise me and he succeeded. i hugged  and kissed him passionately for close to 20 minutes. He carried me to the bed and both of us fell. i giggled loudly and he said i am the most prettiest girl he has ever met. I  shyed my eyes away from him and he lifted my chin to look into my eyes. He said he wanted to show me something so i should close my eyes. I did only to open my eyes and lo and behold he was kneeling down with a ring asking , will u be my future wife?

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I said yes and he placed the promise ring on my finger. I was overjoyed. Casting my mind back to all i have been through in life. I thanked God for how far he brought me. We finished our last semester,  finally packed to our various homes and we kept in touched. He became my all, and nothing else mattered to me.. 

Finally postings for National service came. He was posted to Ministries of foreign Affairs. And i was Posted to Vodafone in Accra … I did have many suitors offering me money promises and gifts jex to be their girlfriend but i turn all of them down.

A year passed and Kwaku was retained due to his extraordinary attitude to work. I applied to an International School and qualified to teach Science as well.. One Fine Saturday afternoon i got a call from Kwaku as i was taking a nap.. He said he was at my gate with an Uncle so i should freshen up. I did that and went to meet them. My parents were all smiling when i walked in. And my dad asked me if i will agree to marry him because they are requesting for my hand in marriage i said yes. And my dad handed them the list.

My mum helped me in preparing for the marriage of my life. She advised me to stay humble to my husband. FINALLY the big day arrived. I had my engagement on the 26th august around 8 am. It was beautiful and at night went to the church to rehearse for the big day. I couldn’t sleep that night. I had butterflies in my tummy and thanked God for bringing me this far.. I blinked my eye and it was morning . I had breakfast as fast as possible showered and was dressed beautifully with my bridesmaid. My colors were turquoise blue and bright purple.

I was given a minute and i admired myself in the mirror, i smiled and Said to my self  i am the luckiest girl in this world.

                                       ***THE END***

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