Passion and Power – Monday(21/11/16)



In today’s episode,
David goes to speak with Regina but unfortunately, Nina thinks there is no point in doing so since he and Regina can’t be together. David thinks they are not to blame for the problems in their family but Nina asks him if he thinks Regina can forgive her father seeing he and his mum kissing and in that same vein, Daniela was eavesdropping every bit of the conversation and she becomes so shocked hearing that. And she approaches David to tell him that if he is going to ask an opinion from her, she would say he and Regina deserves whatever is happening to them.
Gabby tries asking Julia to speak with Franco and relate to him as she used to but she still says she can’t because seeing him always reminds her of Eladio’s deception. Gabby makes her to understand that, Eladio made that mistake a long time ago and therefore she should forgive him because she has also made those mistakes by loving Arturo and not Eladio.  
Regina goes to Consuelo’s apartment and Consuelo together with Clara they console her to calm her down.
Daniela thinks it’s hard time Nina divorces her dad and then takes everything from him for cheating on her because his acts are unforgivable but Ashmo is a thousand times better and Nina tells her that Ashmo is too old for her but she doesn’t care since he makes her very happy and also she feels it will serve as a beneficiary to the Montenegros but Nina doesn’t care about that and Arturo can die for all he care. 
Suddenly, Arturo enters and Daniela tells him that she is really disappointed in him and Nina quickly slaps him and says she thought he loves her but Arturo tells her he only married her to have a family for Miguel as the only woman he’s ever loved is Julia and this moves Nina again and she slaps him for being a jerk to spill that to her face and she promises to make him suffer for the rest of his life as he’s made the rest of his family suffer and Arturo looks so disappointed in himself.
David tells his father that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his mum because she made him lose the love of his life and Eladio looks so confused.
Julia tries explaining things to David but he still feels disappointed in his mum and therefore wouldn’t listen to her.
Eladio calls Franco and Gabby and he asks them to leave the house because now things with Julia are getting worse and Franco goes angry but Eladio says it’s not like he is kicking them out but he is asking them to move to the house he gave them as a wedding gift.
Eladio asks Julia about why David says he feels so disappointed in both of them because through them he lost the love of his life and Julia tells Eladio the truth about Arturo stealing a kiss from her and Regina catching them and misunderstood everything and Eladio says he should have guessed that Arturo was going to look for her. He then asks Julia if she felt anything when he kissed her and Julia says the only thing she feels is that she wants nothing to do with him because she wants to be alone and Eladio pleads with her not to allow Arturo to come closer to her again and not try making up with him too.
Humberto continues to pretend being sick so to keep Julia home and closer to Eladio and all this is for Eladio not to find out that he had a hand in helping Arturo to get closer to Julia.
David and Regina bump into each other at Monterey and he forces to kiss her so they can get back together but quickly, Jorge arrives to push David off to leave her alone since she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and David looks surprised and Regina gives David’s engagement ring back to him and says he should get used to the idea that they are over.
Julia asks her maid to take off the mattress from her bed, shoes and everything in her room that she shared with Eladio and burn them because she doesn’t want to see it and Eladio looks so hurt but he doesn’t believe she hates him so much like that. Julia then says, having Caridad even working closer to him shows he hasn’t even overcome his love for Caridad and Eladio becomes so confused.
Erick tells his mum Nina that if he is going to be sentenced into prison then he will have to kill himself first because he is not a murderer as Montserrat’s issue was just an accident but Nina tells him not to threaten himself with death because no matter what if he is sentenced to prison, he will have to get the courage and go and they will find a way and get him out. The police arrive to take Erick with him to go for the hearing, and Arturo arrives and says he has to go for the hearing whether he likes it or not.
Nina goes to see Julia in her house and she slaps her for stealing her husband from him.
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