Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 139


And ooopss she was fast asleep, it almost seem like her total body weight doubled. After a really long walk in silence, we were finally home. My legs were beginning to hurt, as i staggered passed the gate, into the  living room where mum was watching her favorite soap. I fell on the couch with Sophia on my back.
Sophia: yawning did we just fall??
Me: yeah on the couch, we are home silly!!
Sophia: wooow i can’t believe you carried me home, come here!! She said pulling me for a peck as she smiled.
Me: yeah which means you gonna be doing my laundries i said with a smile.
Mirabel: just stared at them a bit surprised, if i heard correctly you carried Sophia down here she said smiling a bit.
Me: yeah that’s what happened i said relaxing on the couch.
Mirabel: that’s lovely anyway i made something wonderful for breakfast, you both have to wash up first she said smiling.
It’s really not easy carrying someone as big as Sophia through that distance, i got up from the couch dragged my heavy feet upstairs as Sophia followed behind, making endless fun of me. I showered and had a bit of rest, before having breakfast. I joined mum and Sophia in the living room, where we had fun with the play station till it was mid-day when grandpa called to know if i was getting ready.
Sophia: since you’re gonna be meeting with the president, am gonna make you up, you know i wouldn’t want my only brother to be looking so unkempt. You need a new pair of suits too.
Me: yeah i know, have placed an order for one already i said smiling.
Mirabel: alright now you should go get ready, you know my dad doesn’t like to be kept waiting.
Me: i’d do that when my clothes arrive i said with a smile. And in about 30 minutes the door bell ranged. I rushed quickly to get it knowing it’s gonna be the delivery person. I collected the dark blue tux and signed. I washed up again, sitting in front of the mirror in my room.
Me: Sophia is time to do my make up!! i yelled.
Sophia: am coming!!
It took me an extra 2 hours to get ready, when mum came upstairs to tell us the driver was already on his way here.
Mirabel: wooow you look cute!!
Me: thanks mum!
Mirabel: good thing you are ready your grandpa’s driver is on his way. She said before leaving.
All the preparation stuff was fun with Sophia making jokes about seducing the presidents wife or daughter. Right now, knowing i’d be leaving pretty soon, i was beginning to feel really nervous like i was gonna be sick.
Sophia : she kinda noticed, he wasn’t smiling like he used too. What’s wrong??
Me: nothing….uhmm.. I just don’t feel like going anymore
Sophia: hahaha don’t tell me you developed inferiority complex all of a sudden.
Me: nope it’s different, have never been nervous over meeting anybody before.
Sophia: the president isn’t just anybody.
Me: can i say, i just don’t feel like going anymore, i noticed i was beginning to have a slight headache too.
Sophia: ok let’s go tell mum about it before the driver get’s here.
We walked down to the sitting room.
Sophia: mum Lucas said he doesn’t want to go anymore.
Mirabel: why?? she asked a bit confused.
Me: because i don’t feel like going anymore.
Mirabel: some minutes ago, you were excited about the party, why the sudden change?
Me: it’s normal to have a change of mind right??.
Mirabel: perhaps you think there’s gonna be lot’s of intimidating personalities, don’t worry grandpa’s got your back.
Me: right now, i was really beginning to feel uncomfortable about the idea of going to that party and i just can’t explain why.
Mirabel: it’s ok to feel uneasy, all you have to do is to relax a bit before the driver arrives and you’d be fine again. This party is really important to my dad you know, it’s not like any other appointment you can just cancel.
She was dressed beautifully in a black dinner gown, as she waited for schwartz who promised he was gonna pick her up. Just then he walked in dressed handsomely in a nice tux.
Schwartz: you look great girl.
Dera: you ain’t looking bad yourself.
Schwartz: thanks, here is the pass, i secured this one for you. And don’t forget you are agent Sonia, identification code- ghost agent. That’s all your gonna be needing he said with a smile.
Dera: am sure you have lot’s of weapon in your trunk? Just in case
Schwartz: yup and i reserved this for you, he said handing over a pistol to her smiling.
Dera: then let’s go rock the party!

To be continued……