Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 138


It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, i woke up feeling really great.
Me: whooo-hooo!! I yelled, jumping out of bed. I felt a massive flow of energy through my veins, so massive that i felt like i need to burn some. I quickly got changed into a sport outfit, jogging down the stairs.
Sophia: where are you going??
Me: jogging of course, i said when i heard her voice from behind.
Sophia: she walked towards me, still holding a glass of water, since when did you start jogging she asked with a bit confused looks.
Me: do i need to answer that?
Sophia: nope you don’t, am gonna change, i wanna go too, just in case you get all lazy and can’t walk back home.
Me: hahahha you’d be surprised girl!! I said sitting on the couch as she quickly went up to change. She was back looking hot in a sport outfit.
Me: wooow, that really looks good on you i said with a smile.
Sophia: lets go!! She said hoping to the door when we heard mum’s voice.
Mirabel: where are you guys going dressed like that?? she asked with a surprised look?
Sophia: jogging she said with a smile.
Mirabel: hahahha wait a minute, whose idea is this?
Me: mine i said with a smile.
Mirabel: alright you can go but i think you might want Smith to escort you guys with the limo, just in case you get all worn out, she said with a smile.
Sophia: don’t worry mum i’ll bring him home even if i have to carry him.
Me: hahhaha stop being naughty Sophia, mum we have to go now.
Mirabel: just call me if you need me she said smiling, as we walked out of the house.
Sophia: alright now we’re gonna jog to the end of the street and back.
Me: sure you can do that??
Sophia: let’s go!! She said as we jogged off smiling.
Schwartz was in Mr Cornels house, as a high ranked official, he was entrusted with the duty of giving out the computerize pass to every one, one for each, there was no excess, leaving no room for importers. He secretly took out a lady to get Dera a pass for the party. Taking out the black spiders was a really important mission for him, so important he wouldn’t risk it for anything, not even for Dera’s life.
We’ve been jogging for over 45 minutes, and now we are on the returning lap. Our breathing were really heavy as we grew exhausted by the minute, and then Sophia tripped.
Sophia: exhaling deeply, my feet are numb i can’t move anymore i think we should call mum.
Me: hahahha i thought some one was gonna carry me home.
Sophia: yeah i have to admit, you are really great at jogging, how about you carry me home.
Me: hahaha no way just call mum to pick you.
Sophia: shame on you Lucas, you should be looking out for me you know.
Me: that’s why am gonna have to call mum on your behalf.
Sophia: yeah i think you should call mum, cause i doubt if you can carry me anyway.
Me: hahah seriously you think so??
Sophia: i know so she said with a smile.
Me: how about we make a bet?
Sophia: that would be great, if you can’t carry me home, then you’d have to do my laundry.
Me: and if i do?
Sophia: i’ll do your laundry she said with a smile.
Me: you’re on, i said breathing down trying to relax as i bent forward. Get on i said.
Sophia: sweet!! She yelled smiling as she got on my back placing her hand around my neck.
Me: hahhaa you are so weightless.
Sophia: enough talking get going already, it feel’s really great up here you know.
I have to admit it’s gonna take a while longer before we get home. After jogging for 45 minutes and now i have to carry Sophia. Thanks to the hectic training Leo made me do, i could hold my breath even though it was tiring.
Me: then i felt her head resting forward like she was sleeping. Great now you are gonna sleep on me.
Sophia: shhhhh…….don’t wake me up.
Me: great i said, focusing on moving my feet and maintaining balance.
Sophia: it’s really great having you as a brother
Me: yeah i’d have been so lonely
Sophia: i love you Luke.
Me: i wasn’t really in the talking mood, i mean am dying down here. All i did was smile.
Sophia: seeing you everyday i think i love you even more as brother, your back feels great too and that’s why am gonna take a nap right here!
To be continued…….