Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 130


We walked out of his office, when we ran into  Maureen again.
Sophia: excuse me could you show me to the rest room.
Maureen: its that way, the first door on your right she said with a smile, as Sophia walked away.
Me: so tell me how long have you known Mr Keith?
Maureen: uhmm its been over 4 years now, why are you asking?
Me: i think Mr Keith is really lucky having a smart, pretty and fluent speaking lady working for him.
Maureen: thanks for the compliment,  i’d wanna say the same about you.
Me: like you think am cute?? I asked trying to read her reaction, as i kept my gaze fixed on her.
Maureen: she steadied her gaze, of course you are.
Me: how about dinner, you and me tonight what do you say?? I asked softly.
Maureen: i’d love to but i have to check my schedule….you…
Me: quickly interrupting, here!! that’s my card, call me after checking your schedule miss Maureen, i said with a smile.
Sophia: we are good to go she said with a smile as we both walked out to the car.
Me: so where do you want to go?
Sophia: wait a minute how did you get a Complimentary card?
Me: hahha ooh that!!, trust me it was all liz idea and i never like the idea but seems like i’d have to be thankful to her i said with a smile.
Sophia: hahaha ok so why give her your card?
Me: i might be having dinner with her tonight.
Sophia: seriously just one day away from home you want to start flirting?? She asked with a surprised look.
Me: hahhaha watch and learn girl.
Sophia: hahaha i think i love this naughty Lucas better.
Me: say that again??
Sophia: i love you!!
Me: smiling all you have to do is say where you want to go and i’ll take you there!.
Sophia: i wanna drive round town!!
Me: alright then, seat belt please i said, she got it on, before i zoomed off.
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They got out of the elevator, on their way out. He reach for his phone and called his lawyer. Who promised to come as soon as possible, as they took him away.
Right in the questioning room, the cops tried finding out a few things from him, but he rather kept mute until his lawyer arrived. After brief talk with Milano, who told him the document had his signature.
Lawyer: i can easily say there’s been a conspiracy sir but you know, we need prove.
Milano: the document is enough prove.
Lawyer: obviously with your signature on it?? It still makes our argument worthless.
She walked out of MJ after shaking hands with Mr Forbes. Right now she didn’t feel like working anymore. She had her driver take her home. She freshened up, sat on the couch as she went over the days event smiling.
Mirabel: he thinks he can get out of this one so easy, she thought with a smirk. Its just the beginning Milano. Lets see how you gonna react when you hear, your life time investment worth millions of pounds has been crushed!!
I was beginning to understand why Sophia liked traveling, we drove round a few beautiful streets as we stopped on intervals to take pictures and selfies, sometimes asking passerby to take us a shot.
Sophia: wooow look at those she said pointing at a huge artificial pound, lets take a photo over there.
Me: oh! come on! enough of the pictures already, i murmured pulling over, she took a few photos from her camera, and a few selfies with me, just then my phone rang. Looking at the screen, the number didn’t look familiar.
Me: i ignored the first call and then the call came again, i reluctantly answered.
Maureen: hello! It Maureen speaking.
Me: ooh!! Maureen!!
Maureen: can you make it by 6 pm?
Me: uhmm its a bit late but i wouldn’t mind
Maureen: i’ll be waiting at harrell’s spices.
Me: alright my lady, i said with a smile before she hanged up. Wooow i had no idea how that worked, but i was beginning to feel like a genius.
Sophia: coughing# so???
Me: am having dinner by 6 pm.
Sophia: hahah that sounds funny, lets go she said.
She knew he was younger than she was, but considering how cute he was, plus he’s gonna be leaving soon, having a fling doesn’t seem like a bad idea. She thought with a smile on her face, leaning backwards on her seat.
To be continued……