Woman explains why she has a boyfriend and a husband at the same time



Many women have always thought of leaving their man for a new one.

But ladies, have you ever thought of adding another man to your life when the main one starts disconnecting?

According to a lady called Susan who has been married for seven years and has two children with her husband, it might not such a bad idea.


She posted this confession:

“My love for my husband can’t be compared to the love I give my boyfriend. The affair with my boyfriend is just a continuation of what we started when we were kids. I can just say we are fond of each other.

I like him as a friend and he supports me emotionally when my husband is detached.

“If we have financial problems, my man is never in the mood. He gets excited only when things are going smoothly. When problems arise, he blocks me out, denies me sex and fails to support me emotionally.

He is present physically but absent emotionally. At such times, I turn to my boyfriend, who is also married, for emotional support. We meet, have sex, talk and discuss issues before I go back home.

“We can sometimes meet and not have sex. We just talk, and share stories. He gives me a shoulder to cry on.

If it was strictly about sex, then I wouldn’t be with him, because his performance is like my husband’s. I would have otherwise looked for someone who is really great in bed.”

What do you think ladies?
Credit: yen.com.gh