Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 122


Mirabel: it’s very obvious you both are up to something and i wanna know what it is!
Me: pulling Sophia as we walked towards her, you know you don’t have to be suspicious about anything, am sure there’s nothing wrong hanging out with our sweet mum, i said giving her a peck as Sophia held her waist leading her out, while i held the door open.
That was a nice move i said inaudibly, with lips movement, smiling at her.
I quickly clanged my right arm to her left arm as we lead her to the car, she had looks like everything was happening so fast as the driver drove away.
Mirabel: ok ok tell me, i know you definitely want something, so say it and i’ll see to hit.
Me: come on mum we don’t want anything.
Sophia: you are making it sound like we only show our love for you, when we need something.
Mirabel: i didn’t mean that, but you know……
Me: mum!! We just want to spend the whole day with you and that’s all, right Sophia??
Sophia: right!! because you are such a wonderful mum she said as we both placed our head on her shoulders.
Mirabel: smiling, she still felt like they were up to something, well whichever way i think i like their mood today, i better not ruin it she thought smiling. Alright but i hope you know the office is way different from the living room.
Yes mum!! We chorused!
Mirabel: i wont blink twice before sending you guys home if you mess anything up.
Yes ma’am!! We chorused!
Mirabel: hahah what just happened to mum??
Me: living room is different from the office, so we have to….
Sophia: learn how to address you formally ma’am!! She said smiling.
Mirabel: it feels a bit weird, well we ain’t in the office yet so we can make an exception.
Ok ma’am!!
Mirabel: Lucas!! Sophia!!
Yes mum!!
Mirabel: that’s more like it she said with a smile.
Me: i was beginning to think Sophia is a great partner in crime i thought winking at her.
We all walked into Fadden’s Corp, as we escorted her from behind, she walked in as some staff greeted formally, while she replied with a brief smile, am sure they must be wondering who we were. Perhaps they’d have given us a warmer welcome if only they knew. We walked in when the secretary brought in a few documents which Sophia collected swiftly, handing it over to me.
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Me: i could see the shock on both mum and her secretary’s face. You have nothing to worry we’d take it over from here.
Sophia: can you get a cup of coffee for the boss.
Secretary: ok ma’am she said walking out.
Mirabel: what exactly are you guys doing??
Me: oh ma’am actually i know this documents are for you to give approval on the current transaction, and stock market profile.
Mirabel: that’s correct now hand it over?
Me: ma’am why don’t you sit here i said pulling her up slowly and let me handle this.
Mirabel: it really sounded funny, but some part of her just wants to see how good he actually is in business. She was finally out from her seat, and was seated facing me, when the secretary came in with the coffee.
Secretary: ma’am here’s the coffee, she said handing over the coffee to her, is there anything else i can help with ma’am.
Mirabel: not at all she said with a smile.
Me: uhmm actually there is, i need a full list of the company’s available in the stock market this year.
Mirabel: hahah you’ve taken over my seat and now your gonna invest in a stock market.
Sophia: eehmm Lucas sure you know what you are doing??.
Me: smiling hahah you wait and see, i said flipping through the pages of the documents.
And then i got to the next which had record of all the shares in MJ, she bought through her representative James Forbes. I tried acting normal but somehow she noticed i was taking so much time on this file.
Mirabel: let me see that
Me: ma’am am taking care of everything.
Mirabel: i wanna see that she said, as i handed it over to her. This is my private deal, you are not supposed to be looking at it.
Me: literally am occupying your position.
Mirabel: she turned to Sophia holding her arm, i know you’d never lie to me Sophia. Can you tell me why you guys followed me down here?
Sophia: we wanna hang out with you mum!
Mirabel: i know there’s something else trust me i wont get mad if you tell me.
Sophia: promise??
Mirabel: yes Sophia i promise.
Me: i made lots of gestures, trying to talk her out of telling mum but oopss she was gonna say it.
Sophia: mum Lucas and i think you are gonna be lonely when we go back to school, we really don’t want that so we wanted you to get married.
Me: i was like oh my God!
Mirabel: smiling i know you guys are only looking out for me and i think that’s great, but i really don’t wanna get married anymore.
Sophia: mum!!! we ain’t gonna stop either right Lucas??
Me: right!!
Mirabel: ok ok  since its like this, there’s one person i really do love, that’s KEITH HARRELLS if you can bring him, then i’ll think about what you said. Well i doubt you can ever find him, even if you do he’s probably got babies around him she said with smile.
To be continued…