Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 121


After leaving the house he was with his lawyer, well he felt like he was gonna be needing a lawyer pretty soon. After a long conversation, interrupted by his ringing phone.
Milano: hello charles
Charles: are you free right now?
Milano: uhmmm that depends
Charles: lets meet at spirals
Milano: hahah seriously charles you still go there?
Charles: nah i don’t just catching up on old times you know.
Milano: you know sometimes i wonder how is it you are a doctor, give me 10minutes he said before hanging up, excused himself and was out to spirals.
It was the name of the club where they burned their energies on weekend and of free days when they were a lot more younger. He drove for a while and then had his car parked in the space provided. Just at the entrance, all memories of the good times he had in here flashed in his head as he walked passed a few couples dancing to the bar stand.
Milano: hahaha you are such a bad boy he said grabbing a sit close to charles.
Charles: you know you’ve been troubled a lot lately so i think you need to clear your head a little bit.
Milano: you know we have lots of enemies in here right?
Charles: hahaha come on it’s been a long time you know, am sure they wont recognize us.
Milano: hahaha you know it’s funny seeing the way you smile, right now i still remember you slapping any ladies butt who walked by.
Charles: and you never stop playing the millionaire kid kinda game, with the soul mission of getting every lady in here laid.
Milano: hahahaha am sure that’s funny, but now that i think about it, you know i wish i lived better you know.
Charles: and that’s exactly why i invited you here, everything we’ve done in the past, the wrong, the right, good and bad. And that moment when your past comes haunting, you can only summarize it in one word karma. I wish you’d stop thinking you lived differently because no one can ever change the past, now is the only time we have to learn from our mistakes. All we have now is the future to forward to milano.
Milano: smiling charles, it’s a relief seeing you’ve changed a lot too, some years back i still remember us having a screw contest you know. You’ve always been my best buddy, you’ve always wanted to have fun like it was your last but i think i did worst things in the process, my past isn’t just coming to haunt me, it’s coming to destroy me.
Charles: hahahaha am gonna advice you as a friend anyway, after everything you’ve done there is no room to be scared of karma Milano face it!.
Milano: smiling a bit, he made a lot of point, but somehow charles was sounding a little bit strange. You seem unusually happy man.
Charles: let’s have a few drinks he said as he quickly called on the bartender, which should be a guy of course like we’ve known it to be.
Girl: hello boys, she said with a smile. Louisa!! We bought chorused.
Louisa: that’s right you know the name she said with a smile.
Charles: i think we should probably go he whispered to Milano.
Milano: i guess we’d have to save the drink for later.
Louisa: are you leaving without a hug she said walking towards charles giving him a hug. He seemed to be really uncomfortable, we walked to my car.
Milano: uhmm you didn’t come in your car?
Charles: i knew you’d come so i took a cab.
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Milano: so i guess am dropping you off he said with a smile, i never knew you had something to do with louisa you know.
Charles: it’s kind of a long story man, scoffs everyone’s got their own demon. He said smiling a bit.
Sophia: what are you talking about lucas?
Me: just follow my lead, go to bed now, as early as possible get ready we’d be going to the office with mum.
Sophia: i don’t understand anything you are saying lucas.
Me: we have to show her, how easy it is having someone wonderful helping you, especially if that someone is someone you love.
Sophia: and??
Me: just go to be bed sophia, you have to be up early and ready to go to the office.
Sophia: ok sir
It’s Monday morning she was ready to go to the office, she walked into the sitting room. The house was quiet, they were still sleeping obviously. And she wasn’t gonna disturb them, beside she had things she wanted to do today, she thought as she walked towards the door.
Goodmorning mum! We both chorused.
Mirabel: looking a bit shocked as she turned, sleepy…….she was about say heads, but didn’t seem to find her voice seeing them all dressed up. Uhmm where are you guys going??
Me: to work of course!
Mirabel: work??
Sophia: we are all going to Fadden’s Corp together she said with a grin.
To be continued