The Basics Of Life


Pride is a key to destruction so drop it today. Don’t underrate anybody because you’ve fame or money than the person. Remember that you’ve once been a learner before you become a master. Someone you underrated today may be your boss tomorrow. You only know your today so protect your tomorrow.
The power, fame or money that you have is an opportunity for you. Many people are better than you yet they didn’t reach your status. That is why you must not misuse your skills, fame, power or wealth. Always have it in mind that you’re still behind some people. Your current status doesn’t determine your tomorrow because many people were there yesterday but they are nowhere to be found today.

Don’t see anybody as your enemy because the person attitude towards you is a feedback of your behavior. You only need to work on the person cogent points. Always remember that you can’t please everybody at the same time. Tolerance is the number one quality of a good leader. These are the basics of life.