Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 120


Mirabel: uhmm actually i appreciate the fact that you’re really happy having a grandson but….
Micheal: am not some stranger Mirabel am your father he said cutting in, as sophia just stared at them. It seemed really difficult though but in the end mum said yes. Then she stood up and walked away obviously not very happy with the decision she just made.
Micheal: oh! Mirabel!
Me: i know she’s gonna be fine though, but i feel like i have to go check on her you know i said with a smile.
Micheal: yeah i think so too son he said returning the smile.
I climbed the stairs into mum’s room, taking a brief peep, she seemed like she was having a hard time calming down. I knocked once and walked in, sitting close to her.
Me: you really don’t look alright mum, what is it?
Mirabel: chuckled a bit trying to sound normal, am fine Lucas, i just don’t like the idea of you hanging out with that man.
Lucas: ok but he is my grand-dad you know
Mirabel: that’s what am talking about, even when i say i don’t like him you just wont listen!!!! She yelled angrily.
Me: quickly withdrew my hand from hers in shock, ok ok ok mum just don’t get mad at me ok. Really something about her getting angry that scares me like i was a kid.
Mirabel: thank you! She said dryly.
Me: you know mum you really should stop going about hating people i think it has more effect on you than on them.
Mirabel: i don’t go about hating people Lucas!!! am just staying away from the ones who hurt me the most!
Lucas: well if you ask me mum it’s obviously turning really bad on you, rather than pouring all those frustration on anyone i think you can reconsider starting a new life you know, a happy one at that, a life where you don’t have to worry about the past anymore only looking forward to the future.
Mirabel: so tell me Lucas how is that gonna happen, she said dryly.
Me: you are really  young and beautiful mum, how about you getting married and living that wonderful life you’ve always wanted. Well i thought i was doing a good job talking to her about starting a new life, little did i know my words were offensive.
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Mirabel: scoffs, great now you’ve assumed the role of my counselor, now telling me what to do Lucas! she said staring at me with a fierce gaze as i moved backward a bit and then standing. Perhaps you do not realize how much i hate men right now, i could just go anything to see that they stop existing!!!!! And you know why i can’t forget, she said standing as she walked towards me angrily. Is because every single pain i felt, is still fresh in my memory like it was yesterday and every single day that breaks, the only thing i want is to see him suffer!!! Like i did!!!! Lucas!! she yelled walking toward me.
Me: looking at her angry face, it seemed like i was staring at someone else in my mum’s body, i took few steps backward, ehmm i think i should just leave i said throwing the door open and was out, climbed down the stairs to the living room, to see Sophia and grandpa laughing uncontrollably.
I sat on the couch facing them as i watched them talk and made jokes about the different place’s they’ve been and the funny scene they saw. It was almost getting dark when he left, i was about going in to my room, when Sophia stood in my path.
Sophia: not so fast, i heard mum yelling earlier, what exactly did you do?? She asked with raised eye brows.
Me: i did nothing Sophia, mum is just a little bit paranoid.
Sophia: over what if i may ask?
Me: oh! Sophia! She’s your mother and she’s upstairs you can go ask her yourself.
Sophia: or i’d rather make you tell me.
Me: uhmm Sophia what do you think about mum getting married?
Sophia: like we having a step dad? Uhmm for me i don’t really like the idea of step dad’s but if she finds someone she likes, that will be cool, she seems lonely too.
Me: just then a funny idea rang in my head! I couldn’t help but smile at the very perfect idea i got.
Sophia: now what?? She asked looking at me weirdly.
Me: how about your dad! I said with a smile.
Sophia: huuh that’s not possible my dad is…..wait a minute Lucas, that’s true they are both very single. But you know it’s gonna be difficult, i don’t think there’s a bit of affection between them.
Me: we can create one i said with a smile.
To be continued