Good Sin -Episode 10 – “My own blood” Final


He drew her closer and landed a kiss on her lips. Eva couldn’t resist, she wanted Patrick just the way Patrick wanted her. The kiss was intense and very sensational and even as they kissed, tears was slowly running down her cheeks. She whispered and then said to Patrick.
“I am sorry for everything, I didn’t mean to lie to you” She said. Patrick was so much into kissing her, that as soon as she was done speaking, he went back into kissing her all over again. Soon they were on the sofa and Patrick was on top of her, while their lips was still busy clinging to each other.
Patrick noticed that she was still shedding tears, he felt bad and all he had to do was to stop. That was not the reason for his visit though, but he found himself all over Eva. It was impossible for Patrick to resists her, but he just couldn’t bare the fact that she was still in tears. He then stopped and got seated right beside.
“What is it? Do you mind telling me everything?” He asked.
Eva looked at him as he asked that question, it was obvious that she wanted to hold everything back because she knew very well that, telling Patrick everything meant that she had re-visit the ordeal she went through when she got raped. Notwithstanding this, she had to come out clean and tell Patrick everything.
“I knew your wife before you got married. She was the only friend I had when I moved into the city” She began opening up.
Patrick didn’t believe what he was hearing, he could understand why Eva kept it away from him but with his wife Dzifa, he couldn’t believe she would keep this secret from him. He wondered the reason behind that.
“After she succeeded in consistently persuading me to go church with her, we were attacked on our way back and I was eventually raped. That was the last time I set my eyes on Dzifa till the day I met her at your office. I got pregnant and wanted to pay her back by making you the father of the child but it happened that my plans back fired and Ben who happened to be my formal colleague is the father of the child, making him the rapist” Eva said.
She had all of a sudden mastered courage and had told Patrick absolutely everything.
“Does that mean the woman I married, had something to do with you being raped? He asked.
“I honestly don’t know what to think, I am even tired of all this and honestly, I just want to move on, forget about you and your wife and start a whole new life somewhere far away” Eva said.
Patrick obviously didn’t want to be away from Eva, but surprisingly she asked of a favor from Eva.
“This is my card, can you come over to my end tonight? I want us to talk” He said and handed over the card to her.
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Eva found it a bit strange; they could have talked right here if that’s what he needs.
“Hey, I can’t come over to your house, the last thing I want to avoid is another confrontation with Dzifa.” Eva responded.
“Don’t worry, she won’t be around. I just need you to come, no questions please” He persisted. Eva had all the reasons to trust Patrick and so she agreed.
As soon as she agreed, Patrick left her without even saying goodbye. That was something that Eva was not really concerned about. All she wanted now was to be away.
Patrick was still on the quest of getting to the root of the matter and Eva coming to his end was one of the ways he intend doing. After hearing the side of Eva, he began seeing Dzifa differently and for the first time, he actually wanted to get rid of her.
It was almost 8 pm and Patrick was almost beginning to lose hope that Eva wouldn’t show up. He poured himself a whiskey and kept on waiting for Eva to come.
Just when he was about pouring himself another glass, the doorbell rang and quickly he ran towards the door to open it. Just as he was expecting, there Eva stood in a nice fitting black dress the outlined her body shape. She was really looking pretty. Without wasting anytime, he invited her in.
“Do you care for anything” Patrick asked.
Eva didn’t answer, she was distracted by the expensive furniture and décor at Patrick’s living room. The only thing that was running through her mind was “Dzifa is a very lucky girl, to have a man who had a good taste when it comes to room décor”
“I have, wine, whiskey, juice” Patrick continued.
“I think wine will do” Eva said.
Patrick noticed Eva was distracted and decided to show her around. “I believe you like what you are seeing at my apartment” Patrick said and handed the glass of wine to her.
“Yeah, I must say, you have a very good taste” She said. Just then, she noticed a portrait picture from a distance that caught her attention. She walked towards and took it to look at it well. Suddenly her facial expression changed. It was a picture of a lady and a man together. The picture looks very old though.
“Where did you get this picture from? Eva desperately asked.
“Oh that’s Dzifa’s deceased parent, she treasure that picture a lot and goes everywhere with it” Patrick answered. Eva couldn’t believe what Patrick had just said. She took a second look at the picture then suddenly, she dropped the glass of wine on the floor.
“What is it? are you ok” Patrick anxiously asked.
“That’s my biological mother” Eva revealed. Just when she said that, there came in footsteps from the hall way, Dzifa had returned.
End of Season I, Season II Continues on Saturday.
To Be Continued.
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