Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 12


 hunged up after a brief talk with lizzy, the cafe was really calm i felt really relaxed and for the first time since yestiday i decided to go through my phone, i had a few whatsapp messages, and 3messages, and 2missed video calls from karen. 
I decided to check my inbox first, it was an apology message, i knew who it was imediately. I just hissed and closed my inbox, i got an apple juice too, to help me relax. I guess today marks one of the longest time spent in the cafe. 
Girl: hello 
Me: turning to see a blond hair girl with a porny at the back. Hi i said simply. 
Girl: am isabel 
Me: nice to meet you i said skipping the part were i was supose to tell her my name. 
Isabel: just smiled a bit, she got out her magazine, well am a big fan of yours lucas. 
Me: smile am honoured. 
Isabel: you really dont seem like the type who hangs out alot.
 Me: depends of your definition of hanging out, like now am doing my kind of hanging out. 
Isabel: hahahah you really are funny she wasnt done with the word when a heard a boom sound on the table. 
Me: i turned to see who it was a huge guy with well shaved hair.
 Guy: what are you doing with my sister you player!!! He said grabbing my T- shirt. 
Isabel: ray!!!! Let go of him what is wrong with you!!! 
Me: i was a bit shocked at the sudden outburst, i just starred at him.
 Isabel: i said let go!!!!
 Ray: i dont ever want to see you anywhere near my sister you b—–d!!!! He said giving me a hard punch to my cheek causing to stumble.
 Isabel: ray!!!!!!!!! 
At the moment ricky was walking in with a few ladies, he saw ray hiting me, he quickly took of his jacket off running at a high speed towards him. Gave him a hard punch causing him to stumble as he rained blows on him. 
Me: i felt a salty liquid on lips, i touch it to see, haaaaarrrgh i yelled completely freaked out i never liked seeing blood. I quickly wiped it off, my jaw hurts so bad like it has been shifted.
 Isabel: are you alright??? She asked coming to were i was. 
Me: plsss dont come any closer am fine i said standing up holding my cheek. 
Ricky: next time before raising your hands at someone you gonna ask questions silly he said angrily, well i guess i skipped that part ricky was a fighter, was into martial arts at high school, i dont think damian can stand him in a physical battle.
 Isabel: lucas i…….she was about saying something but i wasnt interested in hearing, i really dont want to get in a fight with her lunatic bro. 
Me: i hushed her, save it not interested. I got some ice, which i pressed hard against my check. It hurts badly have never gotten a blow to my cheek before, and the b—–d thinks am hitting on his sister i hissed pressing the ice to my cheek.
 Ricky: you mind telling me what happened?? 
Me: was chilling out here when the blonde lady came by, we were still on the intro part when the lunatic came from only God know’s were gave me a hard punch, he thinks am hitting on his sister. 
Ricky: hahahaha give it time luke your gonna be fine he said as he walked back to his ladies.
 Me: and now i was about having the most wonderful day ever since resumption, i guess it turned out to be the worst. I get a hard punch because of a girl i wasnt hitting on.
To be continue at 7pm