Mum’s Marriage – Clash of Titans 


Ruby just stood there wondering exactly what she meant by that. Does it mean Philo was another maid? But even with her dressing, it didn’t seem so. Pee had little to say after few days of his return. In as much as he wanted to, his mother always found a way out of the conversation. 
Philo however continued to remain in the house. It was obvious that Philo and Kwasimaa were not getting along as they should. Kwasimaa thought that Philo was about to replace her as a maid and she was not ready to let go of her position as ”the maid” in the house. On the other hand, Philo’s concentration was not on Kwasimaa, She had a different motive all together and she being a maid to Pee’s mother was only part of her plans. 
Ruby had no option than to conform to the situation at her marital home. She felt that, that responsibility was up to her husband Pee. But since that was not forth coming, she just kept quiet and over looked all that was going on. She still had hope irrespective of whatever the case was. There was no way Pee’s mother will stay with them till eternity, she will definitely move out one day. It was only a matter of time. 
One bright morning where everyone was going about with their usual routine, Ruby was in the bedroom as always, Pee was already away to work and Kwasimaa had just woke up and was about doing her morning chores. She began wiping and cleaning the dust off the sitting room furniture. Just when she was on with it, Philo also came in and began cleaning the furniture as well. The more Kwasimaa wiped off the dust, the more Philo also did the same thing. Even without them communicating with each other, you could tell that what seems to be a simple clean-up had turned into a major competition. Philo was doing all this just to intimidate Kwasimaa. 
Even with all these, Kwasimaa ignored her and went about her duty. She picked a broom and began to sweep. Philo noticing what Kwasimaa was doing, began tearing pieces of paper on the floor, creating a whole lot of rubbish. This got Kwasimaa very furious but she controlled herself and gave Philo a serious look, indirectly sending her a caution. 
As if that was not enough, as soon as Kwasimaa finished sweeping and even clearing off the rubbish Philo had deliberately created, she went away to fetch the rubbish collector only to come back to find the whole place scattered with pieces of papers again. Philo had overstepped her boundaries and that pushed Kwasimaa to the wall. She wasn’t ready to put up with her any longer. Kwasimaa getting so irritated threw the dusty rag at Philo’s face, Philo on the other hand threw the rug aiming at Kwasimaa’s face, she however ducked, escaping from the rug Philo threw. Before they knew it, they were at each other’s throat and literally clinging on each other’s neck. It took Pee’s mother who heard the noise coming from the hall to separate them. 
“What the hell is going on here, And why is this place so shabby and messy. KWASIMAA don’t you know your job any longer?  Pee’s mother shouted out. It was obvious that she was going to be one sided about this whole thing.
 “Grandmaa, me don’t do anything. Asking that your small witch.” Kwasimaa said panting heavily. Philo on the other hand also rebated. 
“Who are you calling a small witch, and I suppose your madam is the big witch.” Philo replied by referring to Ruby, Kwasimaa’s madam. It was amazing how she would refer to Ruby when she has nothing to do with what was going on. Kwasimaa didn’t also take it lightly. She made reference to her madam and she wasn’t ready to go down with it. She replied her fairly. 
“Oh never. Big witch is right here, infant the one who bringing you to this house.” Kwasimaa also making reference to Pee’s mother. 
Under a normal circumstance, Pee’s mother wouldn’t have taken what Kwasimaa said lightly but it seems she held back a little bit, knowing very well what Kwasimaa is capable of when it comes to verbal exchange. All she could do was to instruct her out of the hall.
“Herh what are you saying over there? Would get out of this place before I lose my temper.” Pee’s mother said. 
Kwasimaa wanted to leave already, she couldn’t stand the sight of Pee’s mother and Philo any more. 
“Mtchewww(tattled) …..whatever” Kwasimaa said and left, leaving Pee’s mother with Philo. Philo then began to run her mouth as though Pee’s mother was the one who actually intervened for Kwasimaa.    
“Leave this useless girl alone. She has nothing better to do with her life.” Philo said 
 “You should have allowed me to teach this girl a lesson.” Said Pee’s mother. To her Philo was losing focus, she should rather go with the plan for which she came to the house rather than competing with low lives like Kwasimaa. Maybe it was time for her to remind Philo of her mission in the house. 
“Ahh. Anyway, PHILO, what is going on? It’s been three months since I brought you to this house yet I don’t see any progress. What is going on?” Pee’s mother asked. But it seems Philo had everything under control.
“Oh come on, Don’t you trust me anymore? Everything is under control. Now I may be the other maid but very soon I will be the mistress of this house.” Philo assured and revealed. 
That has been their intention all this while, to lure Philo into taking over Ruby’s place as a wife. That was to the extreme. She really wanted the marriage between her son and Ruby to end. 
To be continued tomorrow. 
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