Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 118


she turned over the couch for cover as quickly as possible but the attack was really quick, so quick that she sustained a sharp cut on her right leg from the fast moving bullets. She laid on the floor covering her head with her palm and then the gun fire seized, she could make out footsteps approaching.
Like a passing wind she heard a few snapping sounds, she waited for a
while as her heart beat increased every seconds. Her legs were hurting now and everywhere was unusually quiet, she decided to stay put for a bit more perhaps it’s just a trick to lure
her out.
Dera: and why would anyone with gun, wait for a defenseless girl, who’s barely taking cover behind a halfway covered couch, she thought as she finally made up her mind to take a brief peep. She saw the triad lying dead on the floor, after having their necks snapped.
Dera: omg!! She yelled a bit with a really alarmed look, who ever took them out was obviously very skillful and who could that be she wondered as schwartz walked in.
Schwartz: ooh my god! What the hell happened in here.
Dera: those men attacked me you know she said sitting up, taking a good look at the cut on her leg.
Schwartz: haahha whoa let me guess you took them out.
Dera: nope i didnt schwartz, i was actually thinking you did!
Schwartz: am just coming girl, i didnt get in any fight and beside this doesn’t look like a fight.
Dera: stop kidding schwartz, i got shot at, narrowly escaped death by taking cover behind the couch and then i found them dead!!
Schwartz: wait a minute girl, if you and i didn’t do this, then who did??
Dera: same question i have no answer to schwartz!
He walked quickly to where the dead men laid, taking a quick check on the black outfit they wore.
Schwartz: they are black spiders!! He said in shock.
Dera: how the hell did they find this place!!
Schwartz: i really don’t know girl but this only means one thing, they are on your trail and more is gonna be back girl so technically this hide out of yours ain’t safe no more.
Dera: i cant leave my house schwartz.
Schwartz: don’t worry it’s gonna be for a short while, until they are wiped out.
Dera: ok ok i wanna quit all this now schwartz.
Schwartz: tell me you are kidding girl??
Dera: am not ok.
Schwartz: ok perhaps you still think this is all a joke girl, but right now you know too much already, you are never gonna live your life freely without a fight. Trust me theres no where to run to, it’s only a matter of time before they find you. You better make a wise decision girl.
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The cloud was dark already, when i walked into the house, with thought’s
like. Mum’s gonna eat me!! I got into the living room to see mum and sophia watching some movie.
Me: hello mum i said smiling weirdly.
Mirabel: taking a quick glance at the wall clock, i know you are probably used to doing lots of things on your own. Can you tell me where exactly you went to and why are you back so late??
Me: uhmmm grandpa stopped by earlier, and we did the golfing thing together.
Sophia: huuuuh!! You’ve met grandpa already??
Mirabel: hmmm and i guess he only wanted to be wonderful grandpa right?
Me: yes mum i said, is there anything i should know?
Mirabel: not at all lucas, i was just worried you left home and we had no idea where you went to. Am a bit sleepy, i’ll be going to bed now.
Sophia: goodnight mum she said smiling as Mirabel gave her a peck before walking to her room.
Me: i was about going into mine when sophia swiftly pulled me back.
Sophia: not so fast kid bro, you aint going anywhere until you give me a full download of the whole gist she said with a wild grin.
Me: hahahah alright alright sophia let just say your dream’s came true, he came by you know.
Sophia: and!! She asked impatiently, well i went ahead to tell everything i saw and from the smiles i see on her face am sure she would have been a lot more happier than myself.
I had a warm shower, and we went a few round on the play station. I felt so sleepy, rather than passing out of the couch, i climbed up to my room to have a nice nap.
To be continued….