Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 119


Dera: yeah i think you are right, its obvious they have not restrain at all, they’d kill anyone who seem to them like a threat!! She yelled.
Schwartz: that’s it girl.
Dera: and that’s exactly how they killed my dad!! She yelled angrily a bit.
Schwartz: calm down girl!
Dera: i can’t calm down! Here i was thinking of quitting because i think my relationship is threatened, and what do i get?? I almost got killed schwartz!!!
Schwartz: trust me i know how this all feels but rather than complaining you know, you can pick a few things you’re gonna be needing. I have a nice hide out for you till all this is over.
Dera: she nodded as she got up trying to move when she felt a sharp pain which made her leap a bit.
Schwartz: whoa!! You got hit!!
Dera: naah just a cut from a passing bullet, am gonna clean it up, perhaps you can help me move a few things she said smiling a bit.
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Ever since he had this dispute with Vanessa, home became really uncomfortable for him. And despite all efforts to make things right by apologizing, it only grew worst by the day. He has never been so confused in his entire life. He came back this morning to pick a few things and was about going out again when Pamela ran into him.
Pamela: good morning dad.
Milano: how’s my baby doing he asked smiling.
Pamela: great daddy are you going out??
Milano: yea have got a few things to do.
Pamela: that’s strange you’ve never been busy on Sundays she said a bit surprised.
Milano: i am now he said smiling as he gave her a peck before leaving.
She knew for sure something was definitely wrong, ever since he came home drunk. She noticed a strained affection between them, perhaps she could ask mum she thought as she ascended the stairs quickly to their room. She knocked twice when Vanessa sanged come in!!
Pamela: held the door open, good morning mum she said before walking in.
Vanessa: wooow Pamela did you just knock she asked with a huge smile.
Pamela: hahahah mum stop giving me those looks you are making me shy.
Vanessa: i guess this must be a very special day, so tell me, what is it you want?.
Pamela: nothing much, i noticed you and dad, seem not to be in a talking terms, and it kinda got me worried you know.
Vanessa: oh! Pamela! Always acting all sweet you know its a nice thing you are looking out for your parents.
Pamela: smiling yeah mum but am not a kid anymore you know, i can feel the lost connection already. Whatever happened mum, i really don’t want to know, but of course i do hope you guys would get over it quickly.
Vanessa: smiling, you know you ain’t far from the truth, but actually its nothing to bother your young head about, you know your dad and i have just the perfect way of settling our dispute.
Pamela: like your gonna settle this right.
Vanessa; this may be a little prolonged but we are all good she said smiling. So tell me, why isn’t your brothers back yet?
Pamela: Damian is back, he doesn’t seem to know why Ricky and Lucas ain’t here yet.
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It’s a beautiful morning, having those fake contract document James gave in her locker made it even more perfect. She felt like throwing Milano in jail this very minute, its quite unfortunate she has to wait until tomorrow. She got up did a few chores, as time flew by as usual. At almost mid day the bell ranged, and of course Sophia rushed to get it. Micheal stopped by again.
She wasn’t really expecting anyone so she strolled down the stairs to see who was at the door, only to meet her dad in the living room talking with her kids. She joined in the conversation smiling uneasily, while Sophia on the other hand struggled to keep all excitement in her stomach right now in check, when Micheal told her she could fly his jet whenever she wanted. They talked for while.
Micheal: uhmmm Mirabel i know you still dont like my presence but i was wondering if i could borrow Lucas on Saturday you know we have an official meeting, i really can’t wait to show my friends my grandson. He said with a grin.
To be continued