Mr Perfect season 2 Episode 110


I was in my room trying to distract my wandering mind, while Sophia was right in the living making lots of noise with the new Play Station 4 she got from the mall. Once in a while she yelled in victory like someone who won a fierce war. I felt like rushing down there and tell her she’s disturbing my peace but that would be rude i thought, after staying calm for a while i felt myself drifting into a wonderful sleep, i guess that was what i really needed.
She loved playing games a whole lot especially adventure games, the smiles on her face right now was so bright as she yelled and screamed unconsciously on intervals.
Sophia: yeah get them!! she yelled as she controlled her character in the game “lords and kings”. She was so carried away to the point that she was unaware of her mum’s presence.
Mirabel: she has never seen Sophia this happy before, she decided not to interrupt as she carefully walked passed into her room. Showered and changed into some casual cloths, she was back to the living room, watched Sophia with folded hands smiling at her too.
Sophia: come on!! Come on!! Almost there!! Almost there! Yeeaaaahh!!!!!!! Whoo!!!!! She jumped up in excitement to see Mirabel staring at her.
Mirabel: hahah i see you are so happy with that.
Sophia: how long have you been standing there she said smiling.
Mirabel: for a while now, go ahead don’t let me stop you she said smiling as she sat close to her.
Sophia: actually its boring playing it alone, perhaps you could join me mum, plssss……..
Mirabel: uhmmm actually i like playing soccer.
Sophia: yeah soccer is fun too but sure you wanna play soccer cos i don’t want it to look like am bullying my mum on play station hahaha.
Mirabel: hahaha alright since you call it bully, trust me i wont cry.
Sophia: hahhaha
Mirabel: but i really doubt if you can do that anyway.
Sophia: you’re on she said switching the plates and after a while it was done booting. Mum stage is set she said smiling and then they kicked start.
Mirabel: you know back then in high school as the only child i played this a whole lot when there was no one to talk to.
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Sophia; aaaaawww am sure you liked it a whole lot she said smiling
Mirabel: you know what my favorite memories where?
Sophia: tell me mum
Mirabel: having all the guys in school beaten she said with a smile.
Sophia: hahahah woooow well am no high school dude.
Mirabel: nope but this is still gonna work on you she said as she drift into her goal area, with a wonderful shot, the ball curved into the goal post.
Sophia: mum!!! Hahaha no no that’s totally not acceptable i was paying attention to what you were saying.
Mirabel: hahah alright no more excuses, she said and 2 more goals were added making it 3 and then Sophia narrowly score 1 as she leaped in joy like she has won the match.
Sophia: you see that, she said jumping in excitement.
Mirabel: Sophia!! you are still losing you know that right??
Sophia: it doesn’t matter, i scored and that’s all that matters.
Mirabel: where’s Lucas?? Haven’t seen him since i came back.
Sophia: he seem to be angry at something, perhaps he should be upstairs sleeping.
Mirabel: OK back to the game, just for the record, i wouldn’t want it to look like i bullied my daughter she said smiling.
Sophia: hahaahah using my words against me, how sweet, OK lets do a real combat she said switching the disk, allowing it boot for awhile, and then they both choose their characters.
Mirabel: you had better be good at this one, she said with a smile.
Sophia: trust me am the best in this, she said smiling. As they motioned their characters toward each other, just then Lucas walked down from the room to the kitchen to get something to eat.
I looked into the living room to see mum and Sophia playing the play station she got excitedly, i watched for a while when my tummy grumble again, i quickly walked into the kitchen, grabbing a few slice of bread, spreading jam and meat sauce on it. Every bite i took i felt my stomach smile. Just then i heard Sophia screamed again.
To be continued