Mr Perfect season 2 Episode 109


After the meeting she drove to a french restaurant with james, as she ordered for a bottle of champaigne.
Mirabel: smiling you did a great job james.
James: ooh come on! You deserve all the compliment, that was a wonderful speech you made out there he said with a smile, just the kind i needed.
Mirabel: lets make a toast she said as the waiter uncorked the champaigne, filling there glasses.
James: before the toast i have something i like to show you he said handing a document over to her.
Mirabel: 40million pounds deal Milano closed, she said a bit confused.
James: smiling, that’s a forged document, there was no deal as such but if we say he secretly made a deal and embezzled that money with this as prove, you know what that means he said grinning.
Mirabel: that would be a fraud against the company and he could end up in jail for sure she said smiling you are so mischievous she said sipping from her glass.
James: you can say that again, he said as he looked at his watch, he quickly emptied his glass, i have to leave now have got something to do at the office.
Mirabel: ooh dont let me stop you she said smiling as he left quickly.
Finally Milano is going down she thought as she got out of the restaurant, and ordered the driver to take her home, her kids should be home by now she thought.
He paced up and down in his room, right now he knew he was at the verge of losing MJ. He should have know that evil jerk was her mole he yelled angrily. what do i do right now he thought. But it almost seemed like his brain was going empty by the minute and then he decided to go see charles. He stormed out of the house as he drove to the general hospital to charles’ office.
Charles: he was busy going through some patient’s file when his door flew open. He raised he head and was shocked to see just who. Milano?? Its really been a long time you know, he said smiling a bit.
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Milano: taking a seat quickly, charles am in a really big mess.
Charles: whoa! calm down ok?, if you want i can get you coffee to help you relax a bit.
Milano: i dont need coffee charles.
Charles: ok what exactly is making you look so worked up.
Milano: Mirabel is back for revenge!!
Charles: uhmm can you be a bit detailed with that.
Milano: right now charles am no longer the ceo of MJ you know why, because some man working with Mirabel has secretly bought over the company’s share and right now he’s taking over.
Charles: woow if he’s really working with Mirabel like you just said, that means your place in MJ is also threatened.
Milano: that exactly what am talking about charles, there’s no way am letting that happen, MJ is my family’s legacy, i would do anything to protect it.
Charles: i understand your point Milano, but trust me you wouldnt want to fight a battle you and i both know so well you can never win.
Milano: MJ is the Martinez legacy charles!
Charles: i think rather than battling we could try the peaceful approach you know.
Milano: and you know that’s not gonna work charles not after what i did to her, then i was young and naive.
Charles: i know man but there’s absolutely nothing that can’t be resolved peacefully you know.
Milano: perhaps you dont understand, the looks i saw on her face, tells she’s out for revenge charles.
Charles: well if you ask me, i think you have to apologize to her Milano.
Milano: scoffs it’s obviously too late for any pathetic apology.
Charles: i know exactly what you have in mind but she really isn’t as bad as you make her look, speaking from experience though. Right now i think it’s best you swallow your pride, go on your kneels and apologize.
Milano: you know that’s weird, i cant do that.
Charles: it’s your choice man, you can choose to fight back or take the simplest option and apologize. Come on!! you know better than anyone, that if she’s really here for revenge she’d do more than just taking away your office and you know it.
To be continued