Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 108


Well i really didn’t like the fact she asked me to come home just like that. I careful packed a few stuff, grabbed my laptop and phone, locked my door and was off to Ricky’s room. Turned the knob, the door flew open, he was fast asleep.
Me: come on don’t tell me you are still sleeping you lazy a-s.
Ricky: rolled and stretched as he yawned, going somewhere?
Me: home it is, i said with a smile.
Ricky: just tell mum i’ll be back on Sunday he said falling back into his bed.
Me: actually am going to my mum’s house.
Ricky: cool alright then have a wonderful trip.
Me: and you too, have a wonderful sleep.
I walked out of the door to my car, held the door open as i tossed my bag inside, when i heard Sophia’s voice.
Sophia: don’t move!!
Me: am i suppose to be scared i said smiling a bit when i turned to
see her with her bags too. Uhmmm what is…..
Sophia: well lets just say mum asked me to bring you home she said with a smile.
Me: great i guess am a kid now, i get it i said leaving the way, as she tossed her bag in too.
We both got into the car as we drove out of school.
Sophia: i really cant wait to start having fun you know.
Me: seriously i just wanna rest a whole lot.
Sophia: ooh plsss stop being boring.
Me: say whatever you like that’s what i feel like doing girl.
Sophia: alright i have an idea, we can visit the mall you know and get some cool things for the vacation.
Me: Sophia!! I don’t feel like going anywhere.
Sophia: what is wrong with you!! You  gonna take me to the mall like now.
Me: and if i don’t??
Sophia: trust me you don’t wanna make me mad!! Like mad!
Me: ok ok ok fine, i just don’t get why you ladies are acting all weird lately i murmured.
Sophia: shaking her head are you nagging right now?
Me: oooh come on am driving, you know i have to keep my eyes on the road.
Sophia: oooh i see, she said just then i held an automatic break in front of a huge mall, forcefully throwing her forward as she screamed.
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Me: that’s the mall
Sophia: throwing her hair backward nice way to stop a car she said as she alighted and walked into the mall.
I was a bit pissed, i just don’t feel like i know why or maybe i do and i just don’t want to admit it. I know its weird but am used to making my decision, asking me to come just like that when i told her i was gonna be at dad’s house is really weird. I really wanna know why because if this circles around the fact that she missed me, it ain’t funny i thought.
I was brought back to reality to see Sophia with a shopping basket full of different items as she loaded it up in the trunk.
Sophia: she got into the car exhaling, yeah we are good to go. I turned on the engine and was out of the mall,
Me: i drove in silence as i kept my eyes on the road.
Sophia: uhmm don’t you wanna know what i got from the mall?
Me: no one cares
Sophia: you know if you are angry at something you really should stop taking it out on me.
Me: alright ma’am.
Sophia: you know Lucas i feel like taking a cab right now.
Me: stop being ridiculous we are almost home already.
Sophia: ooooh she said taking her eyes off him.
After driving for a while we were finally home to see a few securities around. I got down immediately walking into the house.
Sophia: heeey ain’t you gonna help me with the bags!!!! She called out but he was already at the door. What is wrong with him anyway she thought as she opened the trunk to get the stuffs she bought into the house.
To be continued


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  2. mixed emotions. first is after the conversation with fortune teller, how Dera is treating her and lastly his mom told him not to go to Milano’s