Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 107


Mirabel walked in with a smile as her gaze found Milano’s, she stood next to Forbes, right in front of the projector.
Forbes: smiling well ladies and gentlemen, am not gonna bore you with much talks. After much effort, the CEO of Fadden corp and i have reached an agreement. Perhaps i should step down now and let her do the talking he said smiling. Ma’am please he said gesturing her to take over.
Mirabel: well Mr Forbes here spoke to me about opening a business deal with MJ, having looked into the company profile and market statistics i see you have successful company right here. Now am to have a deal with MJ, rather than sending a representative i chose to be here myself for specific reasons. Any question or objections please she asked.
Milano: whats gonna be our percentage from what ever profit we make? He asked as everyone nodded in agreement.
Mirabel: smiling well mr forbes here and i have been through that lane before. And i agree to give a higher percentage to MJ.
Milano: that will do.
Mirabel: on the contrary i have a few conditions i’ll like to be say something before we proceed to signing the contract.
Man: lets hear it.
Mirabel: for a few personal reason best know to me, the current CEO would have to step down before we can proceed with the deal. She threw the bomb as everyone murmured.
Milano: i see, so that’s what all this is all about, but am sorry to disappoint you ma’am as the highest share holder here, i am legally staying in this office, which means acting on my franchise.
Forbes: well i don’t mean to sound so rude but you just said it Milano, the one with the highest share gets to take that office. Legally taking that office from you, is me acting on my franchise.
Milano: i own 45 percent of the company’s share he said almost pissed.
Forbes: i own 50 percent he defended. There’s no need for an extended argument here, since the lady here needs you to step down, which of cause was gonna happen soon. I think its best you step down right now so that i can close up the deal with Fadden corp’s.
Milano: we don’t need them!! He barked.
Forbes: do i need to remind everyone here that this deal is gonna be of huge benefit to everyone of us. Perhaps we do it the normal way, those who wants Milano to keep his position as a CEO and let this wonderful opportunity slip by should put there hands up.
He looked around, and no one did. Exhaling deeply and those who wants a new era with lots of business favors should put there hands up. Almost every hand were up.
Milano: staring at Mirabel with a lot of angry look, standing up with a lot of rage. You planned all this right?? Don’t you dare think you’ve won because am gonna get back at you.
Mirabel: mind what you say Milano i don’t like feeling threaten otherwise am gonna press charges.
Milano: he felt like yelling but he just couldn’t risk complicating his situations.
Mirabel: move close to his ears, soon Milano, all you’ll do is crawl and beg in the streets, is just a matter of time until you feel what i felt. She whispered with a smirk as he stormed out angrily.
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today was such a wonderful one, i woke up feeling so relieved, as i packed my stuff up had my shower. And then i thought of calling mum.
Me: hello mum
Mirabel: how are you my baby
Me: am fine, am done with my exams and am going over to dad’s house for the weekend.
Mirabel: uhmm lucas i cant allow that for now actually you have to come to my house first.
Me: mum are you jealous??
Mirabel: nope, just keeping you away from that wild jerk you know. You can pay him a visit later if you wish, for now i’d be waiting for you guys.
Me: exhaling alright byeee i said hanging up.
To be continued