Mr Perfect Episode 6


​he was so hungry but this was the first time in 9years he was outside all alone, this was his first meal with strangers, he was unsure of the right act to put on.
Milan: is ok son eat your food.
His word son rang in his head over and over again as he just stared at milano. Finally he decided to eat, slowly picking his spoon he quickly devoured the food, leaving trace of hot suauce on his lips.
Vanessa; i guess you want some more.
He just nodded in conscent. While the kids stared at him with spoons in their mouth. Lunch went quite well, soon they were done, milan made gestures to his wife to take the kids upstair, which she did almost immediately. As he took lucas on a stroll round the huge mansion.
Milano: i know you must be confused, i know you have lots of questions to ask, he said bending to his height level am here to free you of those worries and give answers to your questions.
Lucas; were is my mum he asked simply.
Milan: smilling with a sad face “probably in a mental assylum”
Lucas: mum’s not crazy!!
Milan: i know luke but the doctor said she is, in order to protect you, while she’s away, she entrusted your safety and care in my hands.
Lucas: you called me son earlier why??
Millan: because am your father luke you, have no idea how long i searched for you and your mum, day after day, night after night praying that one day you’d be within my reach.
Lucas; and mum?? She thinks you are bad why
Millan; even for adults things are not always smooth, while our path crossed there were rough and difficult times, only adults understand. “Exhaling placing his hands on his shoulders”. Now that I have found you luke, am gonna take real good care of you, just let me know when you need anything. Daddy can give just about anything in the world.
Lucas: why didnt mum bring me here herself, if she knew i was leaving, she’d have said goodbye he said with a sad look, obviously hurt.
Milan; her condition is critical luke she wants you to be a strong kid, seeing her would only make her weak luke. Daddy’s got your back on this.
He really did feel weird, well he was suppose to be happy he has finally met his dad, its a pity his mum wasnt here. He thought as he stared at milan.
Milan: i know i have missed out on a critical stage of your life luke, i’ll do my best ok to make up. I need you to be comfortable and happy.
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Part of him was happy and the other part still feels like he had abandoned his mum. From his dad’s statement, he could actually see her again.
led the children to their room “ok kids before the questions bombardment, lets go one at a time”
Damien: who is he!! He asked with a irritated face.
Ricky: eats like puke
Pamela: with folded hands “and why did dad call him son??
Vanessa: seriously you are doing this again ok ok fine now listen to what mama’s gonna tell u. His name is lucas, he is your half brother.
Children: how is that possible???
Vanessa: you are still underaged ok, leave the possibilities for adult, damien be at your best ok?? No bullying, ricky no fowl languages, and pamela no pestering. That will be all for now, am keeping an eye on you guys!
To be continued