Being a woman


As I lay down quietly in my bed, my sleep stolen by thoughts, I think of the date i failed to honour last night among the many others I’ve dodged and the one I’m thinking of dodging tonight.
I grew up in a time where you could make male friends and hang out with; go to the beach with; visit at home, watch movies, chat and laugh kind of gentlemen.
Now, in this current time you are told “if you stay indoors all the time; how will you find a man? Ok, so a guy invites you out, you sit, chat and laugh. He buys you yoghurt and meat pie, hosted u well.
He starts to try to touch and when you ask what’s going on; he asks why you agreed to come out with him if you didn’t want this?
Visiting me at home too, hmmm, I don’t joke with my personal space at all, if you’ve been there once then I trusted you, more than 5 times then you are extra special and important to me cos I don’t let people in there that easily
Even with that, among the very very few that have passed through once, who didn’t buy anything or do anything for me, still had the same issues with ‘can’t keep their fingers to themselves’. ( have about 3 very gentle male friends though permitted to pass through anytime)
I don’t know about my other sisters out there but this has become a reason for me to avoid dates in all. Staying in my room watching a movie will definitely not put me through that stress.
Mr gentlemen, please is there a possible explanation to this new one meat pie and yoghurt, one touch thing going on because honestly, on my side, to every male who knows me, asked me out and had me turn them down or cancel later, it’s because of this problem