Mr Perfect Episode 14


​Mira: smiling# going A-crowd not cool.
Ricky: uhmm come on ladies eat your food.
Me: smiled# a one sided smirk.
Mira: i saw that she said smiling
Me: uhmm how long have you been staring???
Mira: hmm looks like someone is ready for real conversation how about you start by telling your name, i want to hear you say it.
Me: uh-oh i said looking at my watch its time to leave you guys, trust me ricky is a good host. I stood up squeezed his shoulders a bit, see you around man.
They were looking a bit stunned and embarrased.
Ricky: hahahah sorry about that he is socialphobic, usually like that no harm intended. They smiled, as they ate and talked.
I was a bit free so i decided to take a look round the school, i was on my stroll when a car screeched behind me and halted, i turned quickly.
Damien: hey kid, aint you bored already, have got some fun generators, he said as the 3ladies in his car smiled,
Me: hahah hmmm am kinda in the middle of something man.
Damian: have you seen ric???
Me; yea probably scoring points by now i said with a grin, moving out of the way as he speed off. I was back to my room and back to my books.
School went wonderfully well for almost a month, everyone was getting along, having friends, bonfire buddies, friends night, swimming blaah blah blaah, i wasnt interested in any of that not because i was too focus, i never found it thrilling, its generally not my thing. Well which earned me the nickname the lone-dude, have never heard anyone call me that tho, ricky told me.
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On evenings i was out in the hand ball peach, sitted comfortably on one amidst the many empty audience seat. With my head set on, and my laptop on my legs trying new things and practicing a few programming language, i never missed my fun evenings, it cold, calm and quiet, i could hear myself think right here.
This evening i wasnt doing much of practicing or reading i was staring at my mum’s photo on my laptop, a copy i stole from dad. I could still remember, whenever she was stable she smiled alot, i was so deep in thought when a drop of tears rolled down left eyes. I was brought back to a real world when i heard a feminine voice. Dark hair well packed together to form a cone, with a physic like a top rated model, as beautiful as an angel and a glittering smile.
Girl: she is cute.
Me: a bit shocked wasnt expecting anybody, uhmmm hi!! i said closing my laptop abit. Quickly wiping my tears.
Girl: omg!! Your crying are you hurt?? She said in a caring and a friendly tone
Me: am fine, its just the wind. Why are you here??.
Girl: i came in search of my hair ribbon what about you
Me: i like it here
Girl: can i sit??
Me: uhmm sure you can, am lucas
Girl: am dera she said with a smile which almost seemed like sparkles
Me: so you came all the way here just to find a ribbon???
Dera: yup and then i saw you sitting alone, heads down i was a bit suprised though so i decided to say hi.
Me: hahahah you aint even scared??
Dera: are you dangerous?? She asked smiling.
Me: yeah have got a pretty bad record you know
Dera: hahaha seriously you look more like mummy’s little man, am not scared plus am not scared of guys.
Me: i smiled a bit, if you find your ribbon right now you’d be leaving right??
Dera: yes do you have it??
Me: nope lets find it
To be continued