Mr Billionaire Episode 5


I woke up the next morning in a king sized bed. The chandelier hung gracefully overhead. I rolled over to get more sleep and came face to face with a sleeping Liam. I yelped and scooted away. Liam opened one eye, looked at me and sighed closing it back.

“I’m not inside you, so I don’t understanding why you’re screaming at 7:00 in the morning.” He grinned a little.

“Why are we in the same bed?” I panicked. “Did we–?” He opened his eyes, looking right at me.

“Did we what?” His eyes were shining in amusement.

“You know, do the nasty?” My face was hot with embarrassment, I desperately tried to remember. He laughed. His laugh bounced off the walls and his cheeks flushed from how hard he was laughing. He looked so beautiful when he laughed like that.

“No, love, we didn’t have sex.” He was grinning like a maniac. “But we can fix that if you want.” His grin changed into something softer, his eyes sparkled and landed on my lips, he softly bit his own lip. His expression said it all, he wanted to take me right now. My heart fluttered.

“No thanks,” I said quickly, rushing out of bed and practically running to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on my back the entire time and it made me feel like I was walking weird. I closed the bathroom door and locked it, because honestly I didn’t want him ‘accidentally’ walking in on me and seeing me naked. How mortifying would that be? I brushed my teeth and when I was done I turned on the shower. When the water was warm I stripped myself and hopped into the shower. As I showered, I began to remember yesterday.

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Flash back

After the limo ride where Liam had desperately made me want him to kiss me, we had arrived at his house. As soon as we were inside I looked around in amazement. I still couldn’t get over how beautiful this place was. A tall, well built man came and took my suitcase from Liam’s hands, murmuring,

“Welcome home, Liam.” The man looked at me with a hard stare. I refused to shrink back under his gaze, I gave him a hard stare right back. The man suddenly grinned and said, “Liam, are you gonna introduce me to this beautiful young lady?” He had a slight English accent.

“Yvonne, this is my personal butler, Chauncey. Chauncey, this is my girlfriend, Yvonne.” The man grinned widely, a dramatic change considering how he had just been glaring at me moments before. Was he bipolar?

“Nice to meet you, Yvonne,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Nice to meet you too, Chauncey. ” I smiled.

“I’ll just put your suitcase away for you.” He smiled at us one last time and walked off.

“He seems nice,” I said to Liam. Liam nodded, a sad far away look in his eyes.

“Chauncey has served my family for almost thirty years. I’ve known him since I was just a baby.” I was surprised. Almost thirty years? But Chauncey didn’t look a day over thirty himself.

“How old is he?” I wondered aloud.

“Fifty-seven.” Liam smirked when my jaw dropped in shock.

“He’s still in good health though.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”Liam then showed me around the house. Ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a huge living room, an enormous kitchen, a dining room that went on for days, a home theatre and a huge patio that overlooked his gigantic swimming pool. I was breathless as I tried to grasp the fact that I would be staying somewhere so beautiful.

“And this is your room,” Liam said, pushing open the door. The room was huge. It was twice the size of my apartment. I looked around in amazement as Liam said, “And if you need anything feel free to come to me.” I turned around and saw that he was grinning, holding his arms open like he expected me to run into them. When I didn’t he pouted. “You’re no fun, babe.” I shrugged and said,

“I’m not your babe.” He pulled me into his arms and held me tight.

“Yes, you are,” he whispered in my ear. “You just don’t see it yet.” I escaped his arms and stood far away from him.

“I’m not gonna be anyone’s babe ever again,” I said quietly. “I know how men are now.” Liam seemed to have heard me. His liquid blue eyes stared into me as he said,

“Not all of us are the same.”

“Oh, please, Liam.” I rolled my eyes. “You’re an infamous Playboy. You’ve had sex with your secretary and who knows how many other women you’ve been with.” I shook my head. Liam sighed.

“I’ve had sex with a few women, I admit, but I don’t have sex with just anyone. And besides, who’s to say I can’t change if I met the right woman.” He looked right at me. I realized how dark it was getting and I shook my head, shaking off his intense gaze.

“I’m gonna take my shower and go to bed,” I said to him. “I’m tired.” As I pushed past him, he stopped me and said,

“Don’t forget to call Kale and invite him and Sasha over. We still have a plan to take care of.”

“Their names are Kate and Simon,” I corrected him. He rolled his eyes.

“Who cares? Just call them.”

“I will.” I walked away.

His expression as I walked away looked conflicted. Like there was something more he wanted to say. I could feel his piercing gaze on my skin even after I was gone.


Hearing Kate’s voice had affected me in a big way. It just depressed the hell out of me. I was so angry and sad but somehow I played it off and was able to pretend I was fine. I had just drank a bottle of vodka and I was feeling a little tipsy. I was lying down in bed, desperately trying to sleep, but I couldn’t. This bed was huge. I wasn’t used to sleeping in a bed so large. I sighed and turned. Then I groaned and turned the other way. Sigh, turn. Groan, turn.

This happened for a while until Liam swung the door open, shining light into the room. I shrieked in shock and then blushed as I really looked at him. He was shirtless, his arms were toned and his pecs were like heaven. My eyes trailed down his yummy six-pack and to the V that led to his– Look away, Yvonne. Look away! And I did. I looked away, blushing furiously.

“What are you doing, bursting into my room like that?” I hissed, still not looking at him.

“You were groaning and sighing and the bed kept creaking when you moved. I thought there was a guy in here. I was prepared to kick his ass.”I looked at him. My mind was a little fuddled, but I talked past the mush in my brain.

“Even if there were a guy in here, you don’t have the right to kick his ass. We’re not together.” He looked at me, not saying anything. Finally he smirked.

“You’re half drunk and you can’t sleep,” he stated, walking into the room.

“How did you know?” I was surprised how clearly he could see through me.

“Because, you’re even grumpier than usual.” He smirked and closed the door. The room was in sudden darkness. I blinked, trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness. I felt the bed dip and suddenly arms were around my waist. My eyes widened and Liam pulled my back close to him. I could feel the toned hardness of his body. All of his body.

“Liam,” I shrieked, sounding whiny, but I didn’t care. This was just so embarrassing.

“Yvonne, shut up and go to sleep,” he said quietly. And somehow, despite how awkward I felt, I was comfortable in his strong arms. Safe. And I drifted off before I even realized it.


I was jolted back to reality by a hectic pounding on the door. “Yvonne,” I heard Liam call through the door. “Are you okay in there?” I rolled my eyes, but didn’t answer. “You’d better not be rolling your eyes at me,” he growled. “Yvonne, if you don’t answer me, I’m forcing my way in.” My eyes widened at the thought of that. I was paralyzed with embarrassment at the thought of him bursting in here while I was showering.

“I’m fine, Liam,” I called over the water.

“Good.” I could hear a smile in his voice. “Hurry up and get ready. They’ll be here soon.”

“Kay,” I said meekly. I turned off the water and stepped out. I put on a plush robe and headed back to my bedroom. The bed had already been made and there was a black box lying on it. There was a single card sitting atop it, the card read:

“Just put it on, –Liam.” I blinked at the card and looked at the big box. I opened it and inside was a thigh length deep red dress. The tag read ‘Gucci.’

When I pulled the dress out I realized there were shoes underneath it. Taking a closer look, I saw they were the classic red and black Louboutins. My mouth dropped. This outfit had to have costed thousands of dollars.

I did my makeup. It was perfection. Not too much, not too little. I slipped on the dress. It clung to me in all the right places. When I slipped on the Loubs my legs seemed to instantly become longer. I let my hair down and brushed it. A knock sounded at the door.

“Come in,” I called. Liam walked in, smiling. I watched him in the full length mirror as his smile suddenly fell. He just stared at me, his eyes moved up and down my body like I was a masterpiece. I was caught in his gaze like a rabbit caught in the eyes of a lion. He walked forward and wrapped his arms around me, pulling my back against him.

“He’s stupid,” Liam whispered in my ear. “To leave you, ”–he shook his head–“he had to have been out of his fuckin mind.” My body heated up.

“Miss. Yvonne, Mr. Liam.” We turned and saw a coffee skinned woman standing before us. She had a duster in her hand, so I assumed she worked for Liam.

“Yes, Karmine?” Liam asked.

“You have two visitors. Kate and Simon.” I s—-d in a deep breath, my heart was jackhammering in my chest. Liam nodded.

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“Let them in. Thank you, Karmine.” She nodded once and left. Liam looked at me and held my hand in his large, warm one. “Yvonne, it’s gonna be okay,” he said soothingly. “I’m here.” And then he looked right at me with those intense blue eyes. I fully realized how handsome he was looking right now. His blonde hair was sexily disheveled and haloed around his face. He wore a blue shirt that matched the color of his eyes and jeans. This may have seemed like a normal outfit, but the way Liam wore it… he had my heart pounding. He squeezed my hand.

“Yvonne, we don’t have to do this if you’ve changed your mind, love.” I thought of how they had been sleeping together for a year behind my back. I thought of how they had humiliated me, had made a fool of me. I wanted this. I wanted revenge. I took a deep breath and squeezed his hand.

“Lead the way.” He smiled, his signature look of mischief shining in his eyes.

“That’s my girl. ”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not your anything,” I snapped in exasperation.

“For this next hour or so we’re together, babe.” He grinned and reached behind me, squeezing my butt. “So get used to it, gorgeous.” I swatted at him, but he dodged it and reached for my hand, laughing. “Let’s go, love.” I nodded.

I could slap the hell out of Liam later, but for now I had to prepare myself to come face to face with my ex best friend and my ex fiancé.