Mr Billionaire Episode 17


After last night’s love confession and a kiss that had literally made me feel like I was gonna combust, we kissed again. And again. And again. Until we finally fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in complete comfort. It felt like I was meant to wake up in his arms like this. I looked up at his sleeping face. He looked like an archangel. His blonde hair disheveled, his lips slightly parted. My heart quickened at the sight of him. His arms suddenly tightened around my waist and his eyes opened. And suddenly I was drowning in his eyes, all coherent thoughts gone. All I could think was how amazingly blue his eyes were.

“Good morning,”he said, his voice gruff from sleep. His just-woke-up voice was so sexy. I could barely muster a response.

“Good morning,” I said breathlessly. He grinned and placed his lips on my cheek, grinning madly. I sat up and excused myself to the bathroom. Instead of using the one in his room, I decided to walk to the one across the hall. I needed the walk.

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Gretchen slammed the palm of her hand on the table in frustration. He had invited her. Today was the day when all the men of the company could bring their wives and girlfriends to see them work. And word was spiraling around that Liam was bringing the girl that was all over the tabloids. Already Gretchen could see the paparazzi hanging around outside, lying in wait for Liam and his girlfriend .

Gretchen swallowed back the bile rising in her throat. The fact that he seemed to actually have feelings for this black girl was beyond her. I mean, using her was one thing, but getting attached. It would never work. People just didn’t agree with those kinds of relationships. White men stuck with white women and black women stuck with black men. Mixing the two was a disgusting thought. Gretchen was going to help him see the light, though. And once his mind was clear and he was thinking straight with that Yvonne w—e no longer tainting his thoughts, they would finally be together. She smiled in anticipation at the thought. She couldn’t wait.


I was nervous. I pulled at the $1,000 Gucci jacket Carole had bought me when she’d went shopping last night. She had bought me a new wardrobe. I was also wearing Versace jeans and a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo’s. My hair hung long down my back, I smoothed it down. I was nervous. And the answer to my nervousness was before me. On the television, a ginger haired woman with a bright smile and perfectly white teeth was reporting the news live.

“Hello, I’m Kathy Murphy from News Channel Six and I’m standing in front of Hawke Corp. For those of you who don’t know, Hawke Corp is run by William Hawke and his son who is also named William but prefers to go by Liam. They own all of the Scarlet Kiss clubs from here to China and are co-owners of almost every cosmetics line.